Drug Dogs at school today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JJJ420, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. Today they had drug dogs at my school....8 of em in total, they kept us all in our classes for over a half hour while they searched the school. it was so crazy and seems uncalled for. i had a gram earlier in the day but luckily sold it. the dogs seemed so dumb tho, i know of over ten kids that had weed on em, and my dealer had a halfy on him. 2 kids got arrested with a combined total of under a gram..haha sorry if i dont make sense, too stonedddd..
  2. I remember a few years ago in high school there was this huge drug dealer but everyone hated him because he tried to rip you off. But anyways the drug dogs came in one day and when they find something they scratch at that locker. It was raining that day and when the dogs left and classes switched there was mud all over his locker. Funny as hell. Everyone knew he got busted and he wasn't in school the rest of the year.
  3. lol, thats so funny, 8 dogs go into a school... and only 2 people got caught... id say about 1 in every 10 people minimum people in my school smoked... and prolly 1 in 30 had some on them.... good stuff
  4. That sucks, we've never had dogs in our school. We had a locker search once where we had to go out in the hall and open our lockers, but since they didn't really search them they didn't end up catching anyone... that and we got a couple days notice so everyone had time to clean em out.
  5. my school gets drug dogs once a month

    i had a friend who had 2g in his locker, but had it wrapped up and axed and didnt get caught...to tell the truth drug dogs sometimes suck at finding drugs, all u have to do is put in a napkin axe it and put in a plastic bag...and voila...ur homefree!
  6. i dont know if i ever had dogs come to my school... maby one time... but i remember a couple years back when i was coming home from Spain i had a dog attached to a pig start sniffing my bag i had in my hand... i kicked him away gently and he stoped but the officer was talking to some airport worker and didnt see me :) i didnt have anything but i had some stinkey clothes :D

    Edit: "bag" as in duffel bag, i saw how that might be slightly un believeable when i read it after typeing it.. sorry for the confusion :p

  7. yuck, then you get axeflavored bud, i sayput in a plastic bag, spray that, put in in another then spray that... then none gets on your bud
  8. if you keep it in your gym locker stuff it in the bottom of your deodrant stick ..or just carry your bud on you ..theres no reason to live it in you locker ..its not like anybodys gonnna bring more than they can fit in their pocket to smoke.
  9. dude, havent you ever seen beverly hills cop? you gotta put it in a bag of coffie beans to confuse the scent!
  10. who brings coffee with green in it to school......

    like said above.. if u bring weed, dont bring more than like a a couple grams, and store it in the bottem of a deoderant stick in either ur gym locker or regualar locker..

    i never understood why people put it in lockers either..

    because if u have it in ur pockets, whats the sniff dogs gonna do when ur in a class room?
  11. LOL i love eddie murphey - the funneist blackman to walk the face of the earth

    "tell victor that ramon ..the fella he met about a week ago?tell him that ramon went to the clinic today, and I found out that I have, um, herpes simplex 10, and I think victor should go check himself out with his physician to make sure everything is fine before things start falling off on the man" hahaha classic
  12. yeah, there talkin about bringin them shitty dog searches to our school. Me and my stoner pops are totally agianst it. Pops says he was watching a special on that shit adn those dogs dont even really know what there doing. fucken sux.
  13. Yeah my old school i went to used to have drug dogs come every month or so, i know so many people who had coke, weed, etc. on them, the only thing the dogs ever came up with was tobacco. The used those dogs the 2 years i went to that school and didn't find shit, LOL, they said because the buildings had such bad drafts the smell of the drugs would carry from lockers down a couple of lockers and the wrong ppl always got searched, plus since the dogs can't come in the class room everyone would carry there stuff on them, then we would all put are drugs in one bookbag and whoever got called out to have there locker search would just say the bag was someone whose locker wan't getting searched, we were locked in the classrooms for 2 hours so we came up with an innovated way to not get caught.
  14. My school has dogs that check the school sometimes, but what they really do a lot is search the parking lot. Maybe I would pay the 180 parking pass if it werent for the fucking dogs. Now i gotta park 10 minutes away from school in the morning. minnesota gets cold!!
  15. my school has drug dogs all the time.

    They lock the rooms so no one can leave.

    they search our bags, our persons, our lockers, and our cars.

    once i forgot to clear my shit the dogs came.

    i had a 1/4 , a bowl , grinder, papers, alchol,

    thought i was fucked.

    my heart droped when i heard them coming

    I never got caught,......

    lucky i park off campus but i heard they still check off campus

  16. Nah they can't search off campus. Or at least they can't prosecute any findings off campus. I am lucky that I have a neighborhood right across the street from my school. So every morning I park toke and walk 10 steps to school :p
  17. Shit, I carry at least 1+gram on me per day (if its a good day I'll have like a quater and a half...), and my glass spoon with me... Never got caught yet and the teachers know I smoke, I mean come on when u walk in class with a glass bowl with a half cashed bowl (couldn't finish it, had creepers around, had to pocket it. Damn, that bowl just stttiinkkkss... I mean my friend who doesn't even smoke pot that sits 4 seats away asked me if i smelled weed lol... oh well, our teachers are pretty chill for the most point, and they know who smokes and who comes to their class stoned... but yeah...Our school only gets dogs once a year, and its usually the middle of the year, and they just bring them in the parking lot... Maybe through the halls, but yeah they will never smell you if ur in the class room, and besides if they 'THINK' you have weed or drugs on you, they just call you to the office, giving you time to stash ur stuff in the bathroom and what not.... thats why i don't really like carrying a piece though, because the weed u can just eat, but the pipe... well thats just a different story...

    (while being pulled over by a cop, *eats weed* and heres what happens with my pieces)
    One hitter *pop* out the window...

    Glass spoon *pulls down pants...* *Insert here* :D <ouch

    ^Sorry, had to say that, it was a hypothetical thingy.. wow im sorry.. im blazed.
  18. lol, aye
  19. is it legal to just park ne where

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