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Drug Dog alerted, but found nothing?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Reaver132, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. So, with it being 4/20, me and my friends are rolling up as per tradition. Say a K9 unit is sniffing me and is alerted so he sits down; but there's nothing in my pockets and no ash on my clothes... what would happen?
  2. You're screwed

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  3. Depends a lot on your location. If you're not in possession of anything illegal, you'll probably be fine. But a cranky cop could probably nab you for public intoxication, and in some states you can still be charged with possession by consumption.
  4. They will most likely just ask if you've been smokin . If the car absolutely reeks of it, than they'll probably do a search and if they find nothing, than they might drug test you. My buddy had this happen where he was high as a kite but they had nothing on them. But since he was high, even tho the driver wasn't, they nabbed them and they all got charged with consumption of an illict substance. Your best bet is to save the shit for when you are on private property that you or someone you know owns, that way the cops won't have any reason to come onto the property
  5. What states charge for possession by consumption with zero proof?
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  6. It wouldn't be without proof, but for instance people in South Dakota have been charged for having drugs show up in their urine. I'm not saying it's common or remotely likely, but there are still some backasswards states out there.
  7. Those people were caught using and actively involved in a case.
    A dog barking is only probable cause to search. It's not proof and won't get you drug tested. I'm discussing the ops case, not some junkies who got caught in the act and then failed after the fact.

    Back to the ops situation, what state can charge you with no proof? In the ops scenario there's not enough for an arrest to be court ordered to pee.

  8. Cool, I stand corrected then I guess :confused_2:
  9. No need to be confused, it's pretty cut and dry. The case you showed has nothing in comparison with the ops scenario. Those people were already arrested and in court to deal with the arrest. It's common for drug tests to be given in that situation as they're already at the courts mercy from being arrested.
    In the ops scenario there was no charges and alone a dog signaling is not enough evidence for an arrest. K9s can and do make mistakes, that's why it can only be probable cause and not proof. Probable cause is nothing if there is no further evidence.
  10. I'm not confused, it's a shrug face. They should rename it :shrug: :p
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