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  1. i got caught with weed/paraphanelia and got on probation and have to go to drug counseling. as ironic as it may be i feel getting blazed before it is really helpful because it makes me feel more open to talk to my counsler and not feel uncomfortable telling him anything(when i dont smoke before it i pretty much just sit there and just have superficial conversations and impatiently stare at the clock waiting to get the fuck out of there) but hes never said anything about it until yesterday when i rolled in reeking having previously smoked a fat blunt with my friend and 2 joints with my sister on the way to it. he just looked at me for a minute or two and than said "really? you smell like a rastafarian. is it really necesarry to pregame before drug counceling? it kinda defeats the purpose of coming here".

    after i laughed uncontrolably for a few seconds we just had a normal theraputic session and at the end he told me he wished i would be so open and productive every time i go there.

    has anyone else ever gone to therapy or drug counseling blazed?
  2. neverbeen to drug counselling before, but when i'm baked i can talk more openly too so it would helped :)

    i had to do a speeding course and i went there faded, just sat there listening to this guy moan on for hours.

    made me laugh " you smell like a rastaferian!" :p
  3. same thing happened to me, and i go to drug counseling in school every thursday. never been baked, but kinda want to. a lot of people go there rolling haha
  4. No, because when I was caught and had to go take drug classes I was on probation, and wasn't gonna risk going to juvi(got arrested when I was 16).
  5. you should try it sometime just dont be as obvious as i was lol but why do u have to go to drug counseling in school?
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    that would piss me offf...when i get high i dont take shit from people about drugs lol people ask me about drug advice..id go off on em..id rather take a vicodin or tram to be more open
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    no, the court and the counselor said he was going to kick us to the curb(wastes the $150 i spent on the class plus i would have to pay the full $400 for the charge and courtroom fees i wouldn't have to pay for if i took the class) if we came in under any influence, consequently i went sober, but one guy came drunk and nodding and at one point he interrupted the session to lay on the floor and feel it continuesly until he announced that he felt like he was on acid. The police came and got that guy, I know I wouldnt have been that rediculous just being stoned but it was worth waiting 6 hours of being sober to not worry about spending $550 as opposed to $150, and then get out to smoke 2 fat blunts with me and my partner in crime.

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