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    Basically,every pick-up thread has it where they arrange the pills to form "gc" or "4-20"

    well this whole thread is dedicated to that,it can be any drug, buds, pills, lines, hell it can be even pipes! as long as its a drug or drug related

    examples of a recent pick up of mine:




    So just post YOUR drug art pics!
  2. Whats are these? I'm fucked up on valium, adderall and pot right now. Xannies are about to be blown.
  3. Don't blow xannies.
  4. Man thats the best way to take them.
  5. ew just pop them in 1/4's if their yellow bars
  6. They're fuckin Hydrocodone 7.5s
  7. I have like 40 of those myself, cheers. :D

    My camera is shit though so I can't be posting up right now, it's all good though, I'll do it next time I get a non-shitty camera and have drugs!
  8. also, i love snorting xannys!
  9. Word. Nothing is better than benzos hitting you all at once.
  10. Fuck man your lucky! the only reason i have all those is because my graampal gave me them because he didnt want them

    around WV they make us pay 1$ a mg for ALL opiatates,regardless of what they are,but hydro 7.5s they make us pay 10$ for,haha

    its CRAZY prices ove here,except weed,because where in nowhere land and like doddridge county everyone grows and weeds like 10$ a gram,
  11. Haha I get these like $1-$2 a pill. Go getting great hook-ups! :D

  12. Weed is crazy cheap here too, my connects hook me up with pretty damn good mids for 20/eighth and 110 for an o. Dank comes around sometimes and the price is usually double so 40-45/eighth and 220-250/o. Pills are just as cheap here. Except when stupid kids get oxy 80s and sell them for 2$ each, this happens all the time. Our football team always seems to get hurt. It's fantastic.
  13. ^^ haha i love those stupid kids who steal from thyre grandfathers!
  14. Looks like this thread is bout to hit a tower with a twin.

    Sorry for you OP.
  15. this seems like an awesome thread. i wish i had some coke cuz i wanna write cocaine in cursive, post the pic, and snort that bitch. anyone that does have coke...make that pic.
  16. /\/\ Thaat would be rad
  17. My last remaining hydrocodone makes up the "C" and the "G" is all my potentiators.


    I'm feeling really good right now! :D

    Edit: Excuse the psychedelic-ish colors, for some reason my phone's camera does that automatically and I can't make it go back to normal colors; I don't know why.

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  18. Snorting Alprazolam (Xanax) doesn't do anything. It's not water soluble, so it doesn't do anything but sit in your nose. Whatever makes it to the back of your throat and drips into your stomach is all you get. If you really want the Xanax to hit you fast, dissolve it under your tongue.

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