Drove past an oncoming cop mid-toke today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TheReckoningDay, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. i am actually in mchenry everday, but cruising in mchenry... doesnt sound to smart but glad you didnt get busted :hello:
  2. cause it is niggga

    but intriguing allegory, chum.
  3. damn dude that's pretty crazy, reminds me a lot of this one time my buddy and I were driving down in McHenry county, him shotgun and me behind the wheel. We decided to blaze up, and of course a cop drives by us in the opposite direction right as I'm about to hit the bowl! I looked at her as my friend grabbed the wheel, thinking :eek: Shit! Shit! Shit! Fuck! but the bitch was staring straight ahead the whole time and didn't see me :cool:
    I was pleased as punch when we realized she wasn't turning around

  4. WTF?? What are these guys trying to pull?
  5. They tryna piss me off

    LikeIgiveaFUCK :smoking:
  6. Maybe the cop was high too and just trying her best to look normal and keep her eyes on the road.

  7. [​IMG]
  8. Dam why is everybody posting the same story but I do remember last year about a few months ago me and some friends took a space port down by the river and I was cruisin with a buddy on an empty road this afternoon, I grabbed the bowl, my friend grabbed the wheel and I was inhaling and an oncomning fucking cop car, McHenry County Sheriff, rolled by and I looked at her with the bowl an inch away from my mouth and I was like Shit! Shit! Shit! Fuck! Were Fucked man! She was staring straight the whole time, didnt fuckin see me!
    And I was as happy as a motherfucker when we realized she wasnt turning around
  9. lol hell yea I'm in McHenry County right now

  10. cuz it is
  11. you'd have to be there
  12. This thread is trippin me out right now..
  13. Your tripping out? You should see some of the shit I go through.

    I am a female McHenry County Sheriff, rolling through town and I looked at a driver with the bowl an inch away from his mouth and I could tell he was like Shit! Shit! Shit! Fuck! Were Fucked man! I just pretended to stare straight the whole time, pretending I didnt fuckin see shit! I mean who wants to do all that paperwork? This happened like 8 times now. :cool:
  14. why the fuck would you take your hands off the wheel to smoke!?!?!?

    motherfucker just smoke a j or PARK YOUR SHIT UP and smoke

    you honestly DESERVE to be arrested for driving so carelessly
  15. ...My buddy took the wheel. My buddies and I almost never cruise, but if we do someone else takes the fucking wheel while the driver tokes. Hell, ive even done this with my dad. We go to parking lots all the time, but they can be sketch. So, no. I do not deserve to be arrested. You deserve neg rep

  16. hold-the-fuck-up you think because you've done it before it makes it OK???

    shit son what if i murdered 30 orphans before??? would that make murdering the 31st okay!?!?!?!

    yes you DO deserve to be fucking arrested and BANNED from driving forever if you think that somebody sitting in the passanger seat could control a car, ESPECIALLY if they were high as shit

    say a kid walked in front of it!?!? what then!?!?

    oh NOOOOOO somebody else's safety is FARRR less important than you being allowed to smoke a bit of pot mid-driving. your conveniences come before the safety of the people around you, better you run someone over than have to pull over and smoke a bowl.

    you sir are a shitter if i have ever denounced one.

    and i KNOW you will probably try to defend yourself with your dim-witted responces, but MOTHERFUCKER if not for your own sake STOP SMOKING A DAMN PIPE WHILE YOU DRIVE.

  17. the laws aren't there to make your life difficult, they're there to keep your shit safe. there's a reason you can't drive while high in Amerstadam.

    and all you shitters talking bollucks about being a better driver when you're baked, BULLSHIT, if somebody told you they could drive like Lewis Hamelton when they were drunk you'd tell them they were deluded, and I say the same to anyone who claims they can toke and drive at the same time

    and if mods find anything i'm saying worthy of an infraction then grow the hell up because although i may be coming across slightly hostile everything i'm saying is 100% true. and if you're too damn high to fathom that then god damnit go to rehab.

  18. I never fucking said the person in the passenger seat could control the car. Obviously all my attention wont be on my bowl. What the fuck is with you? Obviously my friend will YELL at to to slam on the breaks if some shit happens. Ive been driving since I was 16, im 20 now. I have yet to get in an accident or get any tickets. Ive been much more cautious since this incident, yes I will be more aware of my surroundings. You are certainly right about that. safety is definately a priority otherwise I would be in a prison cell for a long time wouldnt I? So fuck off. Lol, i find it very hard to believe you have never cruised a bowl before..

    Theres also laws to create revenue lol. Look at the laws on Marijuana. Is that safe? Lmao

  19. no actually i haven't, because i'm not a dumbshit (no indirects here :rolleyes:)

    you just did exactly what i predicted you would do, stop defending yourself, you look pathetic

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