Drove past 10 armed police on a pit bike...

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  1. Me and my friend went out on the mountain n his pit bike and I had so much fun I lost track of time so my only option was my buddy riding me home 2miles with me on the back through back lanes and housing estates, we didn't go on any busy roads but coming up to my house about quarter mile you've got to go up a really big hill so we decided to turn into a housing estate because we thought it would be safer. To of no where we turn a corner and BAM, a riot van and 2 squad cars blocking half of the road RAIDING MY DEALERS DEALER! This is in the UK so to see armed police is quite rare although I have headed that this guy has a gun, anyway my friend let go of the accelerator and I shouted "rag the fuck out of it!!!" Whilst probably 5 meters away from a load of police, probably was a little closer. Funny thing was I shit myself really bad and the copper shouted "idiots!" And carried on with the house they was raiding haha, I guess we were lucky that the police had more of a problem on their hands.

    My friend actually went to court the other day for a dune buggy which he tried starting up near a road and as soon as he tries to start it the engine dies, like instantly and the police got on their radio and said "if we didnt move out of the way he would have ran us over" fair to say I never thought I would see someone go crazy on a cop that much, he was like 20 meters away!
  2. Damn dude. Sounds intense

    poetry can change the world

  3. i dont get the second paragraph at all
  4. The cops said he tried to run them over, but in actual fact he was well out of the way and the buggy wasn't even working! He just tried to start it.
  5. Fucking Christ.... Enough with this war on a peaceful plant. It sucks to know other countries suffer from a militarized police force on a rampage against a plant.

    Glad you guys were alright. Sending good vibes to your dealers dealer. Hope you don't run dry...
  6. It's wrong, right? And there's always bud around here, I just get it from my cousin though so I know my stuff is always dank and on weight
  7. I would assume his dealer's dealer is a big fish, most likely passing off other drugs. The cops have to do their job like everyone else, its not all just a war against flowers.
  8. What's does rag the fuck out mean?
  9. Can you fucking imagine two grown men riding on a pit bike together and screaming "rag the fuck out of it!!" as they pull up on a bunch of armed police? :laughing: i bet the cops had a good laugh.
  10. Should have stopped and said something like OH YEAHH! ROCK N ROLL. LETS DO THIS!! Like Joe swanson of family guy
  11. Wait.  You shit yourself? like figure of speech shit yourself, or....?
  12. i was wondering this too op...
  13. That's a good point.... Well never the less, bleh, war on drugs, what a waste.

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