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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Ilovechocolope, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. This is balls its been weeks since there was a steady flow off green I'm gettin real pissed off at not bein able to get smoke and any thing that does pop up is expensive like 1g of shit weed £20 n no1 is sellin half os or os.....

    How long can this go on for?

    N hate every1 on here posting pics of huge nuggs
  2. Not sure about how long it would take from where your at. In az there is always someone with dank
  3. #3 coogs, Feb 28, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 28, 2013
    i feel as though a lot of people from the UK (or anywhere else for that matter) that post on here will say something similar to...

    the easiest way to get a consistent supply (especially in the UK) is to grow your own or know a grower directly.

    not that that helps, but, i mean, what were you looking for in terms of a response? haha.

    how about check out some local university campus and try to cop something there?

    EDIT: i love chocolope too btw =)
  4. I just needed to vent my frustrations man, I know loads of suppliers about the place like 10in my town n 5 of them wuld be always ave smoke guys, half o and larger only sellers but like no1 has anythin n no1 they no kinda thing basicly there's no smoke in about 20mile.n if ney thin appears it like a few gs only. My grow is comin to a end though shortly check my journal out
  5. O n this is my 1st time at it so super excited
  6. Is it really that hard to get weed where you are at? That sucks brother I need my weed in vast quantities of high quality shit.

    You might need to get your own mini garden to suppress your ganja needs.
  7. I have one bout 2 weeks to chopping if even.. But yeah there been some major busts as off lately,
  8. how much is 20 pounds compared to $20?

    sorry to hear about the troubling times bro. itll look up, it always does
  9. 20$ is prob like £30

    And most things in America like bike frames etc are say 300$ yet here there £300 so like $450ish
  10. Somebody's fiending...

    Sent from above

  11. Wrong way around.

    $1 USD = £0.66 GBP

    £1 GBP = $1.50 USD
  12. Aye basicly everything cheaper 4 u guys its early in the day
  13. That's fucked mate £20 a gram I wouldn't pay that shit...some pikey rolled up with that he'd get mashed lmfao

    Get some friends to grow or something if you're a puss one of them will probably be up for it.

    Choppers go over my street every night so I'd get clocked :p

    here so you feel better I got a score last night, half a score left

  14. I have that metal clipper 2 man 4yr old n that looks nice I wish I culd get my hands on a score atm.
  15. N I got a grow

  16. all good man just had a lil j on your behalf, gl with the drought
    where in the country are you?
  17. Northern Ireland.... Word on the street is that its been caused by Chinese New Year but I don't believe it, Defo the recent busts,

    So wish I was in England or Scotland or new some1 in Dublin
  18. There's a drought in my area too. Supplier hasn't had anything in since last Tuesday, which was the last time I picked up. He should have something in by Sunday, so not long to wait now :D:smoking:

    Sometimes it happens I guess.
  19. Man I wish it was that long its been weeks since there was more than a g or 2 able... N I like buyin o's. buy g's is eatin my money like crazy not to mention a pain in the ass havin to find some everyday for me n my buddies
  20. Honestly, we seem to have some of the shittest dealers here in the UK.

    The only way to have a decent amount all the time would be to grow it I suppose, but when you've got plebs like Cameron running the country the risks are ridiculous.

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