Dropy plant. Please help!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by dick.johnson, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Dear growers,

    My plant is month and half old and everithing was ok with it healthy as fuck before two days when my friends added water two days in a row. The soil still seems to be not so moldy and wet so maybe it is not because overwatering.. however if its overwatering what should i do to get my plant health back? If its not overwatering what should be else? Please give me some suggestions what to do i am worried i dont want my plant to die :( thanks

  2. Looks like over watering to me. It should be okay if you give the soil a chance to dry. However, your soil looks poorly aerated. For future grows, you should add amendments to your soil like perlite to provide more oxygen to the roots and reduce the possibility of damage caused by over watering.

    what soil are you using? If its standard commercial grade or, god forbid, miracle-gro, you should try getting some high quality soil (with many amendments already contained) like fox farm's ocean forest which will provide a better base for your plants.
  3. dont freak, all is still good.. Just chill on the watering
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  4. Ok, i Will give some time for soil to dry then i Will add water more carefully.. i am using commercial grade soil (image 2 below). I am thinking to get Coco Mix from bio bizz (image 1 below) and transplant it in new bigger pot with new soil but i am scared of possible problems because of the transplatation.. what is your suggestion? better to leave in the current soil and pot or transplant it in new soil and bigger pot. Current pot is not so big let say medium to small and i think that that could also be a problem for the plant..



  5. Yeah I would transplant them. It may shock them a little at first but it will ultimately be worth it. Be sure to do some research on the proper transplanting technique.

    And you are correct. That pot is prohibitively small and won't have much room for roots. If you want a bigger plant, you'll need a bigger container. I'd go with a 3-5 gallon if you're growing indoors and perhaps even bigger if you're growing outdoors.

    Not sure about bio bizz coco mix. Never used it myself.

    A little tip, run some PHd water through the soil so that it is damp when you're transplanting. Should aid in root growth.

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  6. I would try to transplant it. Thanks for the help and suggestions. Br
  7. No improvment... Even worse than yestrday i think my plant died just before going into flowering :( i am sad as fuck

  8. I don't think its dead bro.. i think you should just leave it, it may take like a few days or week to bounce back slowly. if its dry and sunny outside you should probably leave them outside during the day to help evaporate some water from the the soil. Dude plants come and go, the first few times loosing them is pretty rough, but eventually you get better and they stay better. If she goes let her go in peace, if she lives then dope!
  9. I meant to say leave them outside under the shade* if they haven't had sunlight
  10. Thanks for the optimism :)
  11. new growers are so funny lmao,, chill bro dont water for a couple days she will perk up
  12. Back in life like never before hahah just a day outside on pure sun and fresh air and cup of water..





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