Dropped Hakko On Carpet! D:

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  1. Yo GC! Bad vibes man, I was packing my bowl and preparing to light it with my Hakko Dash 454, which was plugged in and warming up, when it slipped off my table and landed on my carpet flooring!!


    Good thing it didn't start a fire or trigger the fire alarm, but it did leave a nasty mark on the carpet and on the ceramic tip, which now smells like burnt carpet. Needless to say I won't be using the Hakko until I get it fixed.

    I did a little research via Google and found sites that sell replacement tips for about $10, but sad truth is I wouldn't have a damn clue on how to swap that tip out.


    So should I just suck it up, take this as a hard lesson learned, and go spend $30 on a new Hakko? Or is it surprisingly easy to replace? If so, please provide me with instructions. Keep in mind I have absolutely no electrical skills whatsoever. I majored in Business, not Electrical Engineering!

    Anyway, thanks a lot in advance for all your help guys! I'm off to snap a few bowls, unfortunately, with my Bic. May the Good Vibes be with you!
  2. mannnnnnn throw some salt over your shoulder. I dont know how easy it is to replace the tio, maybe go to hakkos website?!?
  3. Its only carpet on the tip. Just clean the tip
  4. Yeah I would think you'd be able to clean the carpet off the ceramic heating element. It would probably easiest to clean it if you turned the hakko on again and tried to clean it.

    Did you purchase your hakko on the internet or at a store? I looked around at a few stores yesterday for a hakko and couldn't find one anywhere for the life of me.
  5. You should def. just replace it. You can tell the replacement heating element has barbs on the prongs so there will be no soldering, it'll just plug in. I have a 454 replacement element and it came with really simple instructions, three easy steps
  6. You should do neither, but instead be a man, and clean that shit off.

    By the way, I've been considering replacing my skyscraper, it has bird shit on a window on the 95th floor.
  7. ^ yeah because buying a $10 replacement tip and buying a multi million dollar sky scraper are so similar. :rolleyes:
  8. spend $10 > smoke plastic carpet residue

  9. smoke plastic carpet, its cheaper
    clean the damn thing.
  10. Just turn it on and let it get real real hot...then use like a paper clip and scrape that shit off. It will be like new
  11. if you use a paperclip you'll still have residue on it... easiest way to clean ceramic heating elements is to heat it up just enough for it to smoke... as soon as it does run a CLEAN wet wash cloth over it until all of the carpet is gone... you gotta remember 90% of modern carpet is made from acrylic fibers... aka plastic... so be careful.

  12. Or you could try not being a pussy, take some rubbing alcohol, an xacto knife, and take it off. Leave it on a while, repeat. Done.

    It's fucking pathetic to go buy something new because you're too lazy to clean what you have.

    (I was trying to be nice, but there are some people just not clever enough to see when it's themselves they're embarassing)
  13. Yea man, just turn it on and wipe it off a few times, if it gets to hot to wipe turn it off to cool, then turn back on and repeat.
  14. For those of you that are recommending me to just wipe it off, have you guys ever burnt carpet with a Hakko before?

    It's really not THAT easy, it doesn't just wipe off. I've already tried wiping it with a wet cloth, it doesn't come off.

    Swomina: How do you take the tip off?
  15. Did you try scraping it with a knife or using some sandpaper? It won't look as pretty but it's worth a shot.
  16. Most people's time is worth a lot more than $10. Not to mention most people's health is worth WAY more than $10 to them. So, they don't want to risk inhaling toxic fumes. Pretty easy to understand if you stop and think about it.
  17. i would bring an extension cord out back/front, plug in that fucker, and let the carpet just burn off.


    do it outside!
  18. $10 isn't too expensive....seriously. Shoulda just ordered one right when it happened heh. Mine came with directions.

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