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Dropped cold after a couple bowls

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Fat Hits, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. So the other day I went to a party, looked for the guy with the backpack and bought a 20 sack off of him. We smoked a bowl with him, it was pretty dank, he called it Casey Jones (Pretty sure it was a made up name, correct me if I'm wrong) but anyways I walk out from the room we were toking and shortly after some of my other friends show up.

    I offer to smoke them up since they just got here and we go back in.

    Halfway through the bowl, I start getting a bit light headed but I shrug it off because I have a low tolerance and it happens fairly often. I hit it once more and I'm extremely fucking blazed, I can't even understand what people were talking about in the smoke circle but no worries.

    As the bowl is getting passed about, I get more light headed and things start getting brighter. Eventually I can't even see and this is where I'm panicking a little bit. I take a deep breath, next thing I know I lose my balance and fall to my knees. I wasn't unconscious but I was really tripping the fuck out, no idea who or where I was anymore.

    After a couple minutes I came to, was like holy shit and stood back up. Everyone was all worried asking what happened. The rest of the night I was fine, just had a headache and everyone at the party (40+ people) were talking about it.

    Anyone have a clue why this happened? It was pretty scary. Never happened to me before.

    tl;dr Got way too high and fell to the floor in the smoke circle at a party.
  2. Answered :)

    Just too much, too quick. If you start feeling lightheaded or dizzy, you should always stop for a minute. Your body probably just needs a chance to relax and take in some oxygen.
  3. Did you take big rips/inhale largely?
    When you lack oxygen, you get lightheaded and can pass out. I don't think it's anything too serious to worry about, but just play it cool next time and either don't take as big of hits, inhale some air after your hit, or smoke a bit less. Don't be afraid to pass on rotation. It's happened to a few of my buddies as well. Hope all is well. Good luck.
  4. Casey Jones is a real strain and its 80% sativa (strong head high) Its genetics are Trainwreck x Thai x East Coast Sour Diesel. Maybe your not used to strong sativa weed and it just really messed with your head b/c of your tolerance and/or not being used to sativas.
    IMO just take it easy next time so it doesnt hit you so hard at once
  5. Yeah I think it's probably what OOTT said. I've gone from smoking heavy indica's to smoking strong sativa's and I feel really fucked up for a few minutes. But once I chill out and get my head straight I feel awesome.

  6. Nope, its a legit strain. Sounds like your just not used to the danks man, it will subside enjoy it!
  7. Granny should come clear this up; marijuana lowers blood sugar, it also lowers blood pressure and can even dehydrate you, at a party it might not be as easy to do this but you probably just needed to get a cookie or something in you and I think she suggests a protein shake,

    It can really knock my blood pressure down sometimes and I get all the symptoms of low blood pressure, especially if I stand up quickly

    And yea, when you get super high like that this stuff is bound to happen, just smoke what you know will get you high and don't over do it

  8. Ah, I see, I've just never heard of the name and it was from a street dealer so I assumed that he just called it that so it would sound appealing. Also, I have a place Casey Jones Park close by so I didn't know if it was named after it or something like that. However, I always smoke the kindest nugs, medical grade sativas, indicas and hybrids, but that was definitely some heavy shit.
  9. How long before smoking did you last eat? Could be low blood sugar.

  10. My mistake then, sounds like some good shit I've never personally had the pleasure of smoking casey jones. Like others said though it may be low blood pressure. I was once playing cards with a few friends and we were passing a couple bowls around and my friend steve stood up and just fell onto the table. Stood back up but was dazed for a minute, never could think of what it was until we read up on it.

  11. Although I smoke a lot of sativas (Blue Dream and Sour D for example) this particular one hit me like a boulder and literally put me on my ass.

    I take fairly big rips (check the name) and after 2 fat bowls I could have just not been breathing enough and fell from lack of oxygen.

  12. I was definitely on an empty stomach that night and just got off from a T-break. I know I have low blood pressure, not sure about sugar though.
  13. Yeah casey jones is a real strain. Ive boughten my fair share from the club before.

    And you were either extremely high, or by a slight small chance the weed could have been laced.... Ive smoked laced weed before, no clue what it was laced with... I was starring at the back of my head looking at the whole room from 3rd person perspective. :0

  14. I love Granny.

    Thanks for the advice though...should probably sit down next time

    Also sorry for the wall of posts I just remembered how to do multiple quotes
  15. Casey jones is from teen age mutant ninja turtles and yes it's a Legit strain
  16. Yeah I'm guessing you just got way too high for your tolerance.
  17. At least you can't OD on marijuana. Interestingly enough, my girlfriend has passed out three times while under the influence of it, somewhat similar to your story. She never takes it easy though, even if I tell her to. Enjoy yourself!
  18. Driving that train, high on cocaine
    Casey Jones better watch your speed
  19. Casey Jones is pretty bomb, but wat ur explaining is exactly wat happened to me an a friend a long time ago. Both of us took a 2 week T-Break an went half on a half of Critical O.G, after the 2nd hit i seen a big ass light rite in the face he said he seen it 2 lol after another 2 bowls we were blowed as fuck ha

  20. +rep buddy

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