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Drop your questions off here

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 15step, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Since this is the forum for new smokers, I'm offering my services. I've been somking for several years and I'm pretty knowlegeable. If anyone has any questions, reply to this thread or PM me. If I don't know the answer, I'll tell you where to find it.

    P.S. Making this a sticky would be a pretty good idea.
  2. What is a sticky?
  3. why is everyone trying to make stickies 2 day??
  4. so many people trying to get there stuff stickied hoping that ti will be easy while the new section is still a baby... this whole section is about asking questions man... just reply on existing threads if you want to help give advice... What would be the point of asking a question here compared to in the section itself... atliest in the section you can get multiple opinions much faster and at any hour...
  5. when you blow a load in a chicks hair...ew, sticky
  6. oooohhhhhh..good one man, nice
  7. Will regular soda glass stand up to the heat of my hakko 456 to use for a glass cover.With about 2mm air space around.

    Would like an answer.
    If you can.
  8. yes, why wouldnt it
  9. How am I supposed to smoke this weed? It's all compacted and in a big bunch...Kind of reminds me of a chicken nugget. Weird.

    But, I've got this little pipe that I made from some tin foil, but the, I'll call it a little ball, of weed won't fit. Do I like, compact the weed ball or something to make it fit? Or can I disassemble it somehow? I don't want to ruin it.

  10. Thermal stress from 1000+ degree iron.

    You want to light the bowl with nothing in it, suck hard, you need to burn the impurities before the weed even touches the pipe.

  11. Okay, thanks, that helps a lot. I wouldn't want my weed getting contaminated and giving me Alzheimers or some shit...

    I still am baffled about getting the weed out of this weird "nugget" form though,
  12. No You never touch it. NEVER. Place chunk in bowl with tongs. If you touched it the oils from your hand will poison the thc. Might as well throw it. Unless you like enemas
  13. You can't fit it in the pipe because you haven't smashed it down into a compressed block, which you light like incense or the charcoal in a hookah. You've heard of brickweed, right? That's what you want, brick that shit up
  14. How do we know if the universe it right side up or upside down?
  15. Okay...So, say I have 12 of something, right? And I take away 10, but add another 12, and then split that in half and multiply it by 12 again...And then dividing it by, well, 12...How many would I have?:cool:

  16. seven?
  17. Seven? i swear i almost said that but was like naw thats about a head in a box but now im imagining Morgan Freeman "dont look! NO!" "whats in there!!"and its a huge turd. LOL Damn u oscar.. funny as hell

  18. When I put my foot really far up yer ass, will you be eating shit?

    Do you think my foot will get stuck?
  19. Oh man, thats never happened before. I thought this was the post a movie that discribes your shit thread. I clicked the wrong one srry.
  20. If "kayak" is "kayak" backwards, what is "kayak" backwards?

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