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drop $23 on this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dkkush, May 12, 2010.

  1. its about 6 in. tall and the bowl on the slide is huge!!
  2. 20 maybe is it used?
  3. Bigger pic. Can't really see much of the detail or anything with a pic the size of an ant. lol.
  4. Yeah probably. They have things similiar to that at my head shop and I think they are 32. I've smoked out of them before. I like it.
  5. yeah its only been used by my friend a few times and sorry lol my computer did that with the pic. but its pretty beast i think just wonderin if i payed what i should have cause he told me he was hookin me up and that he could easily sell it for 30. He just steALs pipes and shit and sells them. lol
  6. looks like a penis.

    enjoy sucking that thick, milky smoke out of a penis shaped bong.
  7. definetly. the bowl alone is prolly 23 bucks.
  8. That's a steal my good sir, you got a wonderful deal.

    Happy Toking!

  9. Fancy lookin dildo ya got there mister
  10. Stole my exact words, lol. But anyways, yeah I would pay 20 for it...but why 23? Such an odd number. Also 2/3 = .666 bwahahahah! :smoking:
  11. looks like a pink vibrator

  12. My words all put together :D
  13. Nice Bowl :)
    If it gets you stoned, hey I´m all for it

  14. LOL!!!:hello:
  15. And yet the hundreds of posts on Sherlocks all get comments like "Sick piece man" and "dopest Sherlock ever", when every single one of them looks like a big ol' meaty cock. Lay off the man.

  16. Nooo i wasn't hating, i just found the joke funny,
    who is sherlock by the way ?
  17. A Sherlock is a style of pipe.
  18. Haha it looks like a dick!
  19. no shit sherlock (?)

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