droopy top growth?? lotsa questions!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NaughtyDread, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. okay mods and exprienced growers, sorry couldnt get a picture for you but you can kinda see it in the far right corner in my other post.

    my largest indica has seemed to have developed a droopiness of its two top most fan leaves. in the picture you can see it.

    yesterday before rearranging everything, i did notice the droop. i attributed it to needing water, possibly and it just woke up from a six hour nap.

    over the 2 weeks to avoid having to tie this plant down, i fimmed it and the first fim didnt work to well, the plant still grew vertically. i decided to fim again, this time, i think i did the job. in the process, it still grew, and it grew into the floros and stayed at that position for maybe 18 hours plus. no burning happened.

    so i went by to check to see how everythings taking, temperature is nice, and everything and everyone is all perked up, i re watered, but i noticed that last indicas top most, is just, lazy looking.

    these plants are in 1 gallons, and i think in pretty desperate need of a transplant, do you all think this plant has outgrown its pot, or the new fim actually has rediverted all energys to lower growth since at the bottom i cant even see the main stalk anymore? and another thing, indicas normally have dark green leaves correct? all leaves are healthy and there are some leaves that curl under, but no yellowing, is this normal ? this is not on all leaves maybe 2 or 3 fan leaves per plant. thank you for any who can answer.

    i havent checked ph, i dont believe i have a lock out, that would have been evident a long time ago, but just in case when i replant i will use some lime.
  2. okay here is a picture of an example of what it looks like, look at the top growth and how the leaves are drooping. the lower growth isnt like this, this growth up top was fimmed i think also, but it doesnt appear the leaves are damaged so im not quite sure if i did, i know up top is. take a look what do you all think?

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  3. how many plants do you have on the one fluro? how often are you watering?
  4. it looks like the light is below the top of the plant. is that the case?
  5. if thats the case...then thats definitaley the problem...cant expect the plant to get light if its above it.. :p
  6. this was taken away from the light, so no its not underneath the floro. its currently under hps, gets watered every 2 days
  7. anyone else? ive decided to give it a dose of 15-30-15 and replant, hopefully this will solve the problem. off to get some soil.
  8. okay back from getting all supplies, from today to yesterday, both indicas have drooped leaves. im not sure if its temp related or water related. the hps is maybe 20-24 inches overhead, plenty of air circulation and ventilation. but the soil was very dry. i decided to replant, and i changed the soil also, im using something now that will retain more moisture. hopefully with the full watering and repot, all will pop back up.

    i also noticed, the top shoot and all growing points have v shapped cupping if i could figure out what that means, then i think i will be able to figure out the problem.
  9. come on you guys someones got to know whats up
  10. Shouldnt be a problem with lighting, how much watts is the HPS?

    You might even be able to move it a bit closer, use this method.
    Put your hand directly in the line of light infront of your plant, if its not warm on your hand, you can move it up a bit more.
  11. its 400 watts, i have a fan blowing slightly below the level of the lamp to displace hot air, so thats not it, the top growths leaves are "V" shaped and the leaves are drooped.
  12. i havent been able to locate pictures that can describe what problem i could be having, im pretty sure i burnt these babies with my manure tea. and they also maybe heat stressed. from what ive seen today, after replant, looks like some recovery. ill have some pics later and some closeups of the vshape leaves. i need to address this issue before flowering. also i might add, the smell dissappered yesterday, today its back, could that be an indication of recovery?
  13. not all grins, but things are looking much better, i replanted yesterday, readjusted the light, i didnt flush but i did give plenty of water. im pretty sure these have been given too much ferts at one time, i think i seriously overdid it. along with heat stress. heres a picture of the top growth and some others.. let me know what you all think?

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  14. heres another...yesterday these leaves were completely drooped. notice there is leaf curling, but no burns on the tips. leaf droopiness has gone.

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  15. here are 2 togther

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  16. the wrinkly leaves remain, whats up?
  17. hmmm, doesnt look so bad, it'll probably fix itself. Try n check the PH of the soil
  18. i should have had pics from yesterday, believe me it was bad. so do you think the leaves will unwrinkle? pH should be alright, just replanted in new soil, has lime in it. ill test soil friday. give time for everything to settle
  19. If its getting better, than i'd expect it'll keep going that way, specially since ya just replanted and such.

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