Droopy Seedlings

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  1. Hello,
    This is my first grow and my plants don't look too happy (could be worse but I'd rather ask for help before it gets worse).

    One of the seedlings started looking droopy a few days ago so I thought I've overwatered it. It didn't change after waiting for a while and today in the morning I've decided to repot both of my seedlings as the other one started looking droopy too in case they became root bound and watered them again as the soil was quite dry already. (the roots looked healthy but there were a bunch of them already at the bottom of the pot)

    Did I do everything right and how long should it take a plant to recover from this?

    Other possible problems might be that each plant had an SANlight S2W 30cm above it (already hung them higher). I also don't add fertilizers and use BioBizz All-Mix as soil.

    This is what it looks like:
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    The more you repot the more you will cause STRESS and slow growth down. I would let them dry somewhat. Then start just watering around the root zone. Should perk back up in a few days. They do look overwatered.
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  3. overwatered and possible PH issue.
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  4. Lights too close or to much UV A or UV-B or UV-C electromagnetic waves will make the leaf's fold up like a envelope and make the tips of the leaf's curl up .
    Your leaf's are not over heated nor over amped from UV electromagnetic waves

    You have pearlite in the soil or should I say compost ?
    Looks like compost to me , anyway .
    You should have good drainage , right ?
    I suggest doing a PH test and/or a soil sample that will give you the truth and not what we think we can troubleshoot from our Lazy Boy chairs .


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