droopy plants from repotting? (Help)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bakerman111, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Im growing in my closet and I had some seeds sprouting in a shallow tank, so I repotted them into some deeper pots. Withing the first 8 hours most of them drooped and the stem could not support itself. The biggest one (one with actuall flowers) stood for a day or so, but then that onn drooped aswell. I read that the light should be 3-2 inches away from the plants and it wasnt so i reajusted but is there something else i need to do to save these poor things? Some one help me!
  2. Not much you can do but wait. Sorry man. Transplant shock is tough, they will either make it or not. I think by 48 hours tops you will know if they will survive or not.
  3. Should have probably given them some more time to grow before doing it, or used transplant hormones.

    Good luck
  4. ok of the plants has slumped and the stem turned brown but then kept growing and now the top of the stem is green again but the bottom is still brown. Do you think this will make it? or should i do something and if so, what?
  5. Give it time.
    Be carefull not to overwater or do anything that might put the plant into more stress, or shock than it already is in.

    Just continue to take good care of it and it will be fine.
  6. Alright, so heres another question about watering. How much water? I know the stick your finger in 2" trick. But Im using a spray bottle to give a light mist. You think a mist a day is enough? Also, (sorry for all the questions im new to this) I have them under a flouro but Im not sure that watts are enought. You think 33 watts is enought? I have them in a box and theres bounce bored covering the walls. And one last question, if you dont mind. How important is ventilation if its already the right temp and CO2 is being pumped in?
  7. Give it enough water so that some runs out of the bottom of the pots. Then don't water again until it passes your finger test or the lift test. Also, don't spray the plants. It won't do anything for you except cause other potential problems. How many plants are you lighting with 33 watts. Pot needs a bare minimum of 15 watts per square foot in veg and minimum of 30 watts per square foot for flower. These are the absolute bare minimums required for the plant to produce anything and you are right at the bare minimum for 1 small little plant. Get much more light if you can.
  8. im having the same problem. my leaves just started drooping. i repotted like 6 hours ago. should i stake my plant?

  9. What I did seemed to help a little, prop the plats that you can but try not to disturb the roots. Also, if the soil you repotted in was dry, make sure you water it well. They way the roots fit in snug and there isnt loos soil.
  10. They are just sprounts now, I have 5. Once they get bigger though im taking them outside for good.

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