Droopy Leaves

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by samoorai44, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Its about week 2 on my plants and just the other day the leaves on plant 1 started drooping a little, The leaves on plant 2 are fine but that one has like a weird wavy stem and plant 3 started droopin too. They're green with no yellow or brown on them but they just look, depressed? Its not like hardcore curling up its like the edges are curling under slightly. I put them on 12/12 today hopin that might be the problem. Maybe overwatering? Any help?:(
  2. I would not put the light to 12/12 at this point. If you think that they are getting too much light you can increase the distance between the bulb and the plant. Never use 12/12 unless you intend to flower. Also, are you using soil? What is the heat & humidity of the canopy? Have you tested the pH of the water & the soil? I have found that young plants are not as tolerant to adverse conditions than larger plants. I have overwatered plants before and the leaves show a characteristic droop & the solution I used was poking a few holes with a pencil, being careful not to damage the roots, and the plants popped back in 24 hours. GOOD LUCK!
  3. Sounds like over watering, though we're gonna need more information than that. What kind of lights are you using and how close are they? How often are you watering them right now?
  4. Lol, i shoulda mentioned this is my first grow. Its just 2, cfls i think their called the swirly energy savers. the lights are about 4-5 inches above the plants and i water every other day. I'm tight on space, nosey ppl etc. I don't think its the light cuz theyve been doin fine until i started watering every other day. Ive watered about 4 maybe 5 times total. Ive sprouted them from bagseed and plant 1 is about as tall as a marlboro shorts cig pack. I'm growin these outta curiosity/ tired of goin through people for herb when i can *hopefully* grow it myself. Imma try to get pics up by i only have a crappy phone cam.
  5. I would suggest over watering unless you have pics or very specific details :D

    You waiting until the soil is dry before re-watering?

    When my plants are in veg I water like twice a week, once in flower it can be as much as 4 times a week.
  6. I wait till about 1/4 of an inch is dry.
  7. Is below that quarter inch still dry? I dont water until when I poke the soil my finger comes out with little or no soil and its dry enough when i brush my fingers together it all falls off. If it clumps under my nails or sticks to my finger I wait another day.

    What about the pickup pot method? Just seems overwatering =/
  8. Whats the Pick up pot method??
  9. You know what the weight is when its dry, you just pick the pot up slightly and use your ginormous muscles to tell if its still wet inside (heavier) or if its gone dry (normal light weight)
  10. i started doin and i also switched soils and they seem to have gotten a jumpstart.
    plant 3 died, plant 1 has grow about 1/2 in about 8 hrs and plant 2 has grow about 1/8
  11. Could of been quite a few things but atleast you seem to of gotten the majority kickstarted back!

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