Droopy leaves

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Lokei360, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. My plants 11 days old. Seems all the leaves are drooping some what, all the time. The color looks healthy. Maybe its because the leaves are so heavy and its still growing?
  2. Also deformatys and shit. One leaf has 4 and the other has 5. And i think that set should normally have 3?
  3. your plant looks fine ..and dont worry about the fingers of the leaves being different most plant when just starting growing often have different numbers fingers on leaves ...its nothing to even worry about .mac
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  4. Alright cool appreciate it
  5. Deff looks ready to transplant.
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  6. Just let them grow man , watch the over watering (not saying u are, just pointing it out for everyone) very good progress

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  7. Already time for a transplant? I thought its best to wait till around day 20
  8. When the leaves reach the edge it's time to transplant unless u wanna kill or just a small plant transplant
  9. Well i transplanted into a 3 gal bucket and fucked up. It crumbled when i dropped in the hole so i just pressed it down and watered. and a leaf ripped some. Think it will be okay? dont look to good right now ill take a pic when i get home from work
  10. Should be fine man, just be careful lol
  11. Thinks its gonna be okay? Looks a little better then it did this morning.
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  12. I'm a total noob, but in my eyes looks like it will be fine bro
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  13. now youv'e .potted up in to that big pot ..your plant should take off great now ,,luck with the rest of you grow ,,,,mac,
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