Droopy leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Aqualung, May 4, 2016.

  1. My plant's leaves are looking a little droopy. Any idea what's going on? I really don't think it's a watering issue unless it's pH(which I admit I haven't checked in a while) because I only water once the soil is dry and I watered 2 days ago. Pot still feels heavy.
    Maybe it needs transplanting?

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  2. I personally think your plants look fine but I am no pro. There is always room for improvement but it looks pretty normal. Peace.
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  3. It looks decent but it's not as perky as it was which means it's not getting optimal conditions.. I just thought I would ask in case anyone knew what would cause this. Even though it's not that bad I'm trying to diagnose and treat it before it gets worse.

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  4. Wow your plant is exploding now, lol.

    Looks like it might want a transplant soon, I usually shoot for when it's taller/wider than the current pot.

    Some of your leaf tips are curling down, how've you been feeding, if at all?

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  5. I know, it's becoming a monster. I just started flowering though.. didn't think it through, definitely shoulda transplanted first. Is it safe to do now?
    Also, I have not fed anything but water up to this point.

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