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  1. Hey all,

    Took a clone last night from my strongest plant and put them in flowering today. The clone however is not looking that great today and would appreciate any ideas. My method of cloning was pretty textbook.. I used clean razor blade made cut at base of flower 3 nodes down from top.. dipped cutting into clonex gel after gently scratching the bottom inch with blade.. put clone into jiffy pellet that was placed into organic soil mix all in the bottom half of a red solo cup.. wet my medium then placed cup inside humidity dome under 55 actual wattage cfl

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  2. They will droop initially and then recover. Spray them often.
  3. What are your temps under the humidity dome? For 1 clone I would start it out under a single 26 watt daylight cfl. You want it to focus more on root growth, to much light and it will try to continue veg growth. Laying down like that makes me wonder if its to hot and ot humid. With it laying down that not a good sign. I would try to gently prop it up with something and let it get some fresh air. Did you trim the outer edges of the leaves?
  4. Idk about the temps because my hygrometer is currently with my plants on their night cycle and I don't have a green flashlight.. but I'm sure humidity is in the 90's

    About the lights, do you think the leaves are still undergoing photosynthesis? It is hard to prop up i've tried and it is just too limp

    No I haven't trimmed the outer edges of my leaves, should I?

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