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  1. This is a little experiment w/ growing - wasn't really planning to make it all the way to flowering just yet but wanted to get a feel for things to come. Here is a plant that is currently growing but seems to have started to die(?). My lights are about 3-4" above the plant, I have 4 5500k 27W CFLs and 2 2700k 23W Bulbs on the one plant. Ive had them lower on another learning expierence but they seemed to burn the leaves. Any advice would be great!

  2. what kind of soil are you using? How often do you water it?
  3. Well since I am new at this i dont see to much of a problem with your setup mine is somewhat similar. Right now i have just an experimental setup since ive never grown bud before. Im using 100w superbright CFL just the one right now Picked it cuz they let off 1600 lumens (heard the more the better),. I have the plants in those jiffy pots for start up with organic grow soil and everything seems to be growin. Mine looked droopy in the begining but if u can see my pics they r better they got burnt though came home and the light fell in on the top and got them a lil as u can see. I wasnt even planning on a grow but got a bag of seed and wanted to try it out i put 3 seeds in one of those jiffy starter pellets and they started to show after 4-5days. Ive been doin alot of reading and of course know that i shouldnt have 2 of them 2gther like i do but im curious to see what comes from it......??!!

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