Drooping plant, leaves feel stiff and almost crispy

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  1. So I haven't seen much growth in a couple days on the top of the plant. I fed it for the first time 2 days ago with fox farms nutrients 1/2 a tablespoon of grow big. I've been having problems with my other little plant not growing at all so I don't even care about that one at this point. The pots are too big for the plants so I've been having watering issues where to soil is staying moist 3 - 4 days. I barely get any runoff and I cant even water them enough to use my soil pH tester. The stems are turning a slight purple color also. I turned the lights off for 6 hours and when I turn it back on the plant is drooping for no reason. It was fine earlier before I shut the lights off. I don't know what to do.. IMG_20190814_073050.jpg IMG_20190814_193515.jpg IMG_20190814_193246.jpg
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    Was that the first time the lights have ever been off on her? They do that when they are "resting"....they droop a bit....but when the lights come back on they perk back up.

    The pics LOOK healthy to me...
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  3. Overwatering small plants in big pots usually stunts plants in my experience. Maybe it's something else. When I uproot, you can see the roots didn't expand much. Ie transplanting from solo cups into a 1 gallon pots a few weeks plant looks healthy, just doesn't grow.
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  4. Thank you I've been trying everything I can to make sure the plant is healthy so when a minor thing happens I get worried. I started her light schedule about 2 weeks from seed. She's about 4 or 5 weeks old now (pretty small for her age) due to heat issues early on that stunted her growth. The past week she took off and started growing like crazy but slowed down again.
  5. It probably is overwatering I'm gonna have to figure out a good time to flush the nutrients out so they're not just sitting in the soil without overwatering her. There's probably some type of deficiency wrong with it too.
  6. What size pot, what type of soil, and how much water are you watering with?
  7. I'm not sure the exact size of the pots I'll post a pic of them, I'm using miracle grow performance organics potting soil (couldn't find any fox farms ocean forest anywhere around me) so I went with that. I'm watering with about half a water bottle every other day which is like 4 fl oz I think. Here's a pic of the pots, it's when they were still sprouts IMG_20190723_013945.jpg
  8. That's what your giving them now?!?!
  9. I could be wrong, and I know you said you have an "over watering" issue, but those plants just look thirsty to me..
  10. Yes
  11. That could be the issue but I've been weary of watering because when I put my finger in the soil the first 2 inches is dry and the rest is moist. If you think underwatering might be an issue I could bump it up a notch for sure
  12. Nah man, my opinion is you need to give her more water! That's enough water when its a seedling...but it needs WATER now. I can't tell how big your pot is....but the entire top of your soil should be getting wet by now
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  13. If you already confirmed the root zone is ok, then maybe not, but 4oz is not much water..
  14. Thanks for the advice I'll start giving it more water, is it okay if the soil is still moist a few inches down when I water? I'm worried about getting root rot or something like that.
  15. Ditch the tray underneath the pots and you should be fine..
  16. I'll start giving them more water, is it okay if the soil is still moist a few inches down when I water them? Or would that indicate poor drainage in the pot or soil? Sorry for all the questions im a total noob
  17. I would suggest you try the "pick up the pot" method of testing when it needs water.....when it's dry.....which it basically is now...if you haven't watered it since I said to.....pick it up and feel how light it is....then give it some water...and pick it up again.....feel how much heavier it is....when it gets PRETTY LIGHT.....its time to water again.

    If you can physically of course.....:love-m3j: I don't want you throwin out your back or something trying to pick up a heavy azz pot
  18. I'm about to water right now, thank you I'll try that method out. I'm 18 so hopefully I won't be having that problem yet lmfao

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