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    Looking for any help in diagnosing this issue.

    Plant is 10 days into sprout and the leaves ahve began to fold down towards the soil

    Conditions are as follows.

    Under CFL's 1 inch above head. In FF light warrior medium. Temp is 72-75 F with RH between 50- 60 %. Under light 24/0. In solo cups. PH 6.5 steady

    I have read a lot of info but that has only given me more possibles and hope that a pic of actual issue with help diagnosis.

    I hear that over watering can be a cause but im have never watered more than every three days and only so a small amount of run off is present.

    Please any assitance would be great for this noob.. Cheers

    P.S. also today the drooping has gotten worse... Feeling the leaves they feel very dry to the touch, almost brittle, the of the sprouts are doing fine...

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