Drooping but strong leaves

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    Hey, so for info about the plant:

    12 days from sprout
    Soil - Kellog all natural organic potting soil
    watering- filtered tap water - once every day or so
    Strain - unknown, bagseed
    (8) 26W of CFL daylight bulbs = 206W // 13,000 Lumen
    Light cycle 24/0
    Temp - 75 steady
    Humidity - 35% steady

    The plant was nice and perky until about 3 days ago (9 days old) when it started to droop. The leaves are still strong and firm not limp and weak, so I had thought overwatering. Didn't didnt water for 2 days til all the soil was dry. but that was this morning and its still droopy. I also just transplanted it today into a bigger pot with the new soil. (Old soil was MG all purpose)

    Here are pictures before problem, then the past few days of problem. The last picture was from about an hour ago.

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    if you water everyday...you could start watering once ever 2 days or once every 3 days...my leaves look like that when i water too much

    (i most deffenitly could be wrong) it doesnt look to bad though it might slow down growing a little bit

    EDIT: i just read what you put and cut down on the water man. they'll drink until they drown
  3. Yeah, I cut off watering completely for 2 and a half days, and they only got droopier, then when the pot was completely dry, I transplanted into a bigger pot with fresh new organic soil that I had lightly watered. It's still been droopy. Transplant was 3 hours ago
  4. you could pull the light farther away causing the plant to stretch a little bit...
    and do you have a fan on your plant? and i wouldnt be too worried to be honest
  5. Yep, I got a fan oscillating inside my box.. should mention its inside a 32inx32inx36in box...

    Thanks man, it's been a strong plant so far, I'm sure it'll pull through. Problem doesnt look too serious just wanted some opinions
  6. your plant looks fine...and i was expecting alot worse when i saw drooping leaves. id saw forget about it if it doesnt go away in 10 days come back and tell us...and start checking your pH
  7. Alright lol it was just so symmetrical and perky and perfect in the first week or so (you can tell in the first 2 pics) so I just wanted to make sure everythings okay and get some second opinions lol

  8. well did you change anything from its first week until now?
  9. Nope, but also, when I did the transplant, The roots had already hit the bottom of the old pot and had made a circle around the bottom of the pot... Maybe it being a little root bound could have caused the slowing in growth and the droopiness?

    roots were perfectly white and looked very healthy. smelled fresh

  10. there you go. you stunned it when you transplanted...give it a few days then post on here or if it gets any worse post on here
  11. You should have read my whole first post. The drooping started 2 and a half days ago. I did the transplant 2 HOURS ago

  12. haha oh im high sorry (not an excuse i know) :rolleyes: i feel dumb

    umm yeah maybe its root bound and maybe the transplant will help
  13. just go smoke and forget about it unless it gets worse

    your fine right now

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