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  1. maybe it was just a really high idea but do hydroponically grown plants give a much greater high? i had what they said was fire dro last night and it was inSANEEEE. so dro plants are much better than plants grown from soil right??? it makes so much sense..
  2. No. It's just a method of growing.
  3. this is what i gather about the hydro vs soil debate. nobody can prove hydro grows a better or tastier harvest. both have pros and cons. however, nobody disputes the efficiency of hydro. its all about the veg. the veg!! take any two strains and veg for a month, hydro will provide more foilage when compared to the best soil mix. more foilage equals more buds. the amount of time to flower is just genetics as is the taste and potency and yada yada
  4. Hydro Grows Faster, but its not as tasty.

    In flowering, sorry but soil (properly mixed not just shit potting soil alone) buds are much heavier and denser and much more potent, regardless of the strain.

    but hey we can argue about this all day long, do it for yourself, if your a hydro guy do an outdoor or soil grow and visa versa. I am not sold on Hydro just yet. Yes veg was nice and fast but its the end result that matters to me, nothing else.
  5. the strain is what makes the weed good or bad. its not soil or hydro. great strain = great plants. seedy badseed = seedy hermie plants. not always tru tho as i have had 3 successful bagseed gros and only 1 went hermie. but it wasn't crappy bagseed it was the awesome middies!!!

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