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Dro or Piff?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Shook-Ones, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I want to pick up a quarter soon. I need help deciding. Anyone familiar with the ny/nj area dro or piff (haze)? The piff i get is nice and fluffy. The dro i get is sticky and compact buds. IMO the piff is a bit better in quality high. I can either get a Q of dro for around 90, or a q of piff for 125. Idk what to get. The dro is cheaper, but not as good as the piff.

    Help me out.
  2. Dude, why ask us? You know which is better. Personally, I always go for quality over quantity.
  3. Like Starsky said, quality over quantity.
  4. I'm not too farmiliar with the terms your using.
    Piff, in my area, reffers to schwag quality weed.
    Dro, is a grow medium. Often a term missused to describe high quality canabis.
    I think your talking about dank.
    Like stated above me.
    Quality over quantity.
  5. Money is the problem. i can save almost 40 dollars and get the same amount, of lesser quality.
  6. just get the better stuff ull enjoy it more.
  7. dro is the way its grown (hydroponics), not medium bud
  8. get what you like better

    we dont know what you like, only you do
  9. I'm in southern westchester ny man and I'd have to say go with the haze...that haze and sour is all I've been seein around here lately

    P.s 125 for a quarter tho? I usually pay 100 for the haze
  10. get the haze. as long as you have the money, price shouldnt be as big of a deal as everyone makes it out to be. all that matters is if you are happy with your purchase. not everyone has amazing hookups. id have no problem paying 125 for a quarter if the bud is good enough. so if you have some disposable income and arent worried about the cost, get the better bud. if you are tight on money, get the lesser quality. but honestly dont let anyone shit talk you on here about prices unless you were clearly ripped the fuck off and you even know that yourself.
  11. Yo, I'm in NJ. I know exactly what you're talking about. Can't go wrong with piff, it's always a good, strong high.
  12. I am basically positive piff is its own strain, and how is the dro because just saying "some dro" is very vague. Where are you in Nj?
  13. im almost sure piff is not a strain, just a slang term, and if you got the money go for the better stuff, not much a difference in price anyways
  14. Im in Newark. Where Piff and dro are very common.
  15. Im from NJ and pick up alot of my buds from the Newark area.
    Where im from, piff is like one step lower than "Brand Name" strains
    And 125 a quarter aint bad, I get piff for 100 a quarter, but different prices vary ya knoww?
  16. obviously go wiff piff

    piff is the dank east coast bud

    dro, really could be anything, good or bad, its just how its grown (hydroponically)

  17. Im in north/central JerZ. Patterson has every weed you could possibly need

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