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Driving while high!?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cpt.haddock, Jun 1, 2009.

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    Yeah, im pretty much a newbie and i started toking alot in the past few months which led me to the City. Me and a buddy bought a vap and fucking like it. Last night, we leaved the vap home and had a good J of good qual bud. Drove for bout 30mins and fuck did I love it, i just lean my seat backwards, put my two hands on the wheel and flow in the traffic with some grateful dead. This wasnt my first time drivin stoned and fuck do i like doing it. Sometimes it feels like im playing this video games especially at dawn,

    Anyone love driving high? And is it safer to carry the weed in ur pockets or in the car? I heard it's safer on you cuz the cops need a warrant to search you (i think its bullshit though). I live in canada.

    First post btw, I really love the forums.:smoking:
  2. video games have reset buttons.. ;)
    i enjoy a bLunt ride, but i've been doing it soo long
    that it doesn't feel "special" anymore. just smooth.
  3. haha i enjoy it quite a bit as well! its like my brain goes on auto pilot and im just sitting back enjoying the drive hah. its so wonderful
  4. I started smoking only a few months ago and driving while high is fucking fun as hell, lol.. Especially at night but just be careful and make sure you're capable of driving.

  5. youre wrong on the warrant thing. its safer to have it in a REALLY safe spot in the car, ie a removable peice of siding, inside the broken XM radio thing, somewhere in the seat, etc.

    if a cop smells weed, he has the right to search you and your car. no warrant is needed unless he only smells it on you and not in the car. so if he has you step out of the car to search you, make sure you put your keys in your pocket, and lock the car. that way he cant have easy access..

    and if he ever asks you to search you or your car, say no. most likely if he asks, that means he doesent have probable cause and is trying to trick you into saying yes...

    i love driving stoned btw. feels so smooth and easy ridin. one of the highlights of my day is drivin with a blunt, large fries and a choco milkshake frim mickey d's blastin some pretty lights or jurassic 5
  6. Lol, if you're high (eyes red, smell), a cop has probable cause to search you, or atleast give you a sobriety test. Driving high is fun when you don't take tolerance breaks, damn my first time smoking in a month I drove and saw cops everywhere. I was pretty much having a panic attack, but the second night I was just cruisin chillin.

    Idk much about Canadian cops though, eh.
  7. Definitely a fan of the smoke and drive mentality. Nothing really is better than when you hit a nice long stretch of road and depending on the frame of mind, having someone next to you to bullshit with. It's like a mobile couch even with the ability to go get food and whatever else is needed. As for cops, in my experience, if you get pulled over, keep things short, sweet, and don't volunteer anything.

    But when cornered once, I did tell him that I had an 8th in the car, and he took it and threw it into the sewer and gave me a ticket for the stop sign I creeped through. So not everything is universal. Use judgement and be safe. Like I won't drive on White Widow after the one time it was attempted. Wasn't comfortable at all even as a smoker of many years.
  8. Driving while high is always fun. On a motorcycle its fun, because you can smell the air and you can see everything, and it looks like everything is in High Def.
  9. I try to never keep bud in the car (unless it's a j that I'm about to smoke in it) but driving high is great. Cruising on an interstate when there's not much traffic, got some good music on the radio... that's sooo relaxing. :)
  10. Driving while under the influence of anything is not smart at all.

  11. I know I sound like a hypocrite, but that is true. I recognize that.

    I'm not saying I like to get blitzed out of my mind and drive, but if I have a long drive back home (about 2 hours) and I know I'm going to sit in traffic for a while, I like to be a bit more relaxed.

  12. There is a difference between having a little buzz or having one drink or whatever and driving around while totally blazed or otherwise intoxicated.
  13. I understand that, but isnt it MUCH much safer to drive stoned than with alcohol. Plus if i drive, i put some clear eye stuff and you know keep windows open for the smell and shit.

    And yeah mxracer0, the auto-pilot sensation describes it perfectly.:)

    Oh and btw, I haven't reasearched it yet, but is a vaporizer considered paraphernalia? I guess that yes, but just makin sure.

    thanks for your replies, and I wont keep the bud in my pockets. I also heard this sealed envelop thing with an address on it. Can anyone confirm if it works.
  14. I love to drive blazed personally. :smoking:
  15. A vap is definitely paraphernalia, and it doesn't matter what you have your bud in: if a cop car has a dog (which is common on my campus), they can find your bud. I definitely consider driving with bud in the car at any time pretty freaking risky. If you have to drive with it in the car, don't do anything that's could get you pulled over. Then you're looking at possession, paraphernalia, and a DUI.
  16. NOT A FAN OF SMOKE AND DRIVE! I never do, anymore. would never, as my right to enjoy the herb ends when i get into a car high. I used to when young, but then i used to drink and drive as a university student as well, but growing up and seeing the REAL danger that i could injure someone else , its not worth it ever.
  17. Everytime I step into the car I am 100% blazed but it is so much part of my life now that I don't even notice.. I love it with some nice cool A/C and some mellow jams.

    I will not drink and drive though. Not cool at all.
  18. I know OSG is right, but I also know OSG had driven blitzed before.

    I'll smoke while I'm driving. Even once operated the Volcano in-motion, but decided against future runs with that thing.

    Now, I won't pull out the dankest of the dank and top kief and hash on it. No sir, but I'll roll a small joint of mids and my wife and I will toke on that on say an hour drive or something.

    If I cause an accident, it'll be because I'm being dumb, not high.
  19. I'll drive with a high, but I've been blazing for quite some time and know my limitations with it. I don't take it as a video game or anything of the sort. I just like to sit back and let my 2 12's take my ears on a journey.

    Remember you are always putting someones life at risk when driving intoxicated.
  20. i hear you buddy.:rolleyes:

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