Driving while drunk is a bitch

Discussion in 'General' started by Hardsmoker, May 20, 2006.

  1. so, I did something very dumb at 4am today - I started my engine while drunk as a motherfucker...after few hundred meters of driving the cops pulled me over (FUCK!) for no reason. We had a nice conversation and they fined me 1000$$$ - there goes my RooR.

  2. hey dude we all make mistakes in life, just learn from this one and live man. All you can do, trust me I've been there but I wrecked my car and almost killed myself and 2 others, well needless to say I"ll never drink and drive again, because I still remember the screaming from that night, nobody was hurt or anything but yeah, not a good thing. Damn, I overuse commas. And back on subject, just don't d&d again plz.
  3. haha what did you get pulled over for?
  4. My driving style was "suspicious".
  5. aka, "driving on the sidewalk" lol, j/k.
  6. yeah i got a dui about this time last year. such a fucking hassle.
  7. :laughing:

    So let me get this straight, You got pulled over. Fined for DUI, And he let you continue driving with jus a ticket?
  8. who cares why he gets pulled over... dont drink and drive man... i kno its not sometimes not your fault cuz u "think" u can drive fine but you cant... be careful man, you can wreck your life or the life of others...not something to be proud of
  9. thats exactly what i thought too. was the cop drunk too? cuz thats a mandatory arrest no matter what state.
  10. He should've cut your liscence in half and worked you over with the billy club.

    Driving drunk is just the same as waving a gun around a schoolyard if you ask me.
  11. Driving drunk is stupid..i have no respect, nor sympathy for you..you should't drive, what happened if you crashed and killed some people?
  12. Guys ive been in situation where i was so high i could have theoretically "killed" someone had they been somewhere likely.

    its not just alcohol, people need to know theyre limits, is the biggest thing.
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  14. well i just wanted to know what he got pulled over for because cops make a shitload of stupid fucking excuses to pull over people these days.

    and i totally agree... if people want to waste their own life to each his own...

    but when you think its in your power to sacrifce the lives of others its beyond control.
  15. yeah some 15 year old kid from my school got killed a few weeks ago by a drunk driver..
  16. ^ That's really depressing. =\
  17. yep
  18. you all should chill

    It was like 4 am and I was doing 20mph on an empty road...

    + I am not proud of what i did
  19. still dude you really can't bitch about it here and expect any sympathy

    it would be the same if someone drove around with a lb in the truck hoxboxing at 3am with the music blasting going 20

    its all about situation and you bent over this time instead of clenching
  20. So we're agreeing on a regular basis?

    and the universe is collapsing into itself?

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