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driving stoned

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokeafatblunt, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. anyone ever find themselves having to check the speedometer way too frequently? i feel like i'm always going so fast, but i'm actually going below the speed limit most of the time. makes driving a lot more interesting
  2. dont do it once I was soooo relaxed driving along the highway I was looking in my console and sumthing took a hold of my concentration I was totally involved in the console that I forgot I was driving was looking in there for a good 10 sec at least.

    Dont do it

    but yeah I totally agree I feel like Im driving too fast 40kmh on a 100 km/h zone
  3. I've driven way beyond high plenty of times, and for you to do this is very easy. But as long as you have a good mindset towards your high you will be able to catch yourself before anything bad happens. Honestly I drive high almost about 100% of the time I drive and I've actually gotten my only speeding ticket while I was sober. So driving stoned is only dangerous if you let it be. :smoke:
  4. Don't do it dude.
  5. I drive high pretty often and I think it's relaxing. As long as you pay attention you're fine. But i also drive slower than i should while im high
  6. I drive a stick so I personally hate driving stoned. Too much effort. When I do have to drive, I'll pick a gear and stay in it so I can feel how fast I go without having to troll the speedo. 3rd on 30-35mph streets and 6th on highways, avoid stops etc and it's like driving sober imo. Play some good music and hope the ricers don't come out to try to race because I was pulled over once for cruising and a ricer was trollin me on the highway and a cop thought we were together.
  7. Some people can't do it.

    I can do it, but I have the same problem as you with the going slow hahaha, life just moves so fast when I'm high. :smoke:
  8. I've never had a problem staying focused. I don't mess around with my phone or radio or anything when I'm driving stoned. All I do is watch the road. I recommend everybody do this. Stay focused, whatever you're trying to do, it can wait til a red light. Or pull over.

    But yea, I check the speedometer a lot. My little stoned OCD
  9. i can drive fine, i just have no fucking idea where i am
  10. I drive way to slow when I'm high. 55 mph feels like warp speed sometimes when you're high.
  11. This thread is already currently going on in seasoned tokers haha
  12. I notice that I look at the speedometer quite often, high or not. I guess it isn't a bad thing to do, keeps my speeding in check anyway.

  13. Heh, if I'm cruising I'll do 5th gear (of 6) on 30-35 mph roads, sometimes even 6th if it's flat and traffic is light or moving steadily. But I've never had a problem shifting while high...but I'm very good at operating machines even if I'm blazed.

    lol, like it hasn't gone on a million times before anyway :p

    I can drive high just fine. Sometimes when I'm driving back from a friend's house late at night and I'm tired and faded from smoking, I'll kinda play a game where I try and keep within ±2 mph of the speed limit, which keeps me awake. It's actually fairly challenging because you have to adjust your throttle to the slope of the road.
  14. that's actually a really good idea
  15. shame on anyone who drives high, drunk, or in any way impaired. there is no reason to drive high or drunk. is it seriously that hard to wait until you're completely sober? driving high may be a little bit less dangerous than driving drunk but it's still disgusting and selfish.
  16. yeah im constantly looking at my speedometer and then for speed limit signs. I think i found a good balance
  17. I drive stoned all the time, actually the first time I ever got high i had to drive home :S lol
  18. Cruise Control is a stoners best friend.
  19. my reactions are very slightly slower however i also drive a lot more slowly when i'm high

    it evens out

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