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  1. So I'm looking to make a few mix cds of music to listen to while driving. I'm not looking for songs that really shine with visuals or space you out (because people, I'm driving here). I'm also not looking for songs that are best listened to baked out of your mind and are 20 minutes long. Things like the Dead et al have their time and place, but not while cruising around.

    So if you were looking to make a driving mix like I am, what song would you definitely have on it?
  2. Groovy man, I dig it. But not really what I'm looking for cruising the streets.
  3. Gramatik.
    Hard to describe the genre, but my friends who never heard of it, seem to enjoy it.
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  4. I don't think you could call it anything other than funk. I like it, I like it a lot! Positive vibes are cool.
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  5. Used to roll in my friends New Yorker to this track. Pretty nice for that "Sunday blunt n cruise"

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  6. Songs chill to cruise to as well

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  7. Definitely cruise worthy! Chill but with a bass line that will keep you grounded.
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  8. Hell yes :cool: glad ya liked it . Usually blunt n cruise to either ambient music , reggae , classic rock or some rap /old school hip hop . :smoke:

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  9. Some great hip hop to cruise to:

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  10. Cannot ever go wrong with a little War (Low Rider) and Ram Jam (Black Betty) coming through the system...
  11. Some people bump beats, some sing to pop songs
    some melt ya face

  12. another that somehow slipped my mind until I heard it yesterday and quickly found myself almost twice the posted speed limit...no, not Hagar's I Can't Drive 55, although I definitely agree with his premise...

    Highway Star from Deep Purple...
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  13. Rad song! I went ahead and threw it into your post so anyone else reading this has easy access (hehehe) to it.
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  14. Avenged sevenfold- Hail to the king and Lincoln Park- paper cut. Always been my favorites

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  15. I like both songs, Avenged Sevenfold has some great shit and M. Shadows is a 10. Linkin Park is a guilty pleasure and I keep that on the DL... fun to rock out to though...know all the lyrics for some reason.

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  16. Buncha random chill stuff :

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