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Driving passenger with blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mos_def, May 14, 2010.

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    Let's say that the driver is completely sober, but the passenger is smoking a blunt. if a cop pulls them over and the only weed is in the blunt and the passenger eats it, can the two get in trouble for anything?

    edit: 420 :D
    and thanks for the replies fellow blades
  2. Nope, no weed means you both are fine despite the strong odors.
  3. u have 420 posts
  4. congrats on your 420th post!!

    But if no weed is found and the driver is not intoxicated then no.
  5. Thats why I keep my joints on my lap under my shirt if im soon as I see lights, im eating it, and taking a sip of soda :D
  6. If LEO thinks anyone in the car is under the influence, LEO can have that person or persons held in custody (it is illegal to use illegal they can arrest you if they think you are high/drunk...).

    As the driver, if LEO smells weed, you can be arrested as suspect of being under the influence...

    Best bet...don't toke and drive or allow others too toke in your car/truck while you drive...

    ...common sense kids, be careful, be smart, don't be an idiot or think you are immune from LEO's antics...:smoking:
  7. You are responsible for the passengers in your car.

    Eats the blunt as you get pulled over? Your shit is going to smell hella lot. And that is probable cause. Even if they don't find anything, they'll still give you a hard time. And who knows what those fuckers put in under your profile? I always thought a warning was just a cops way of saying, "don't do it next time!" and they let you go. Turns out warnings go into the system. Avoid cops at all times. Why would you want to risk it?
  8. You could be high too and couldn't get in trouble unless you're unable to pass the field sobriety test for drunk people. If you're too high to do that then you shouldn't be driving anyways.

  9. my friend would be driving and i would be the only one smoking.
  10. That a boy.
  11. The cops will probably give you a hard time but if there is no weed, you cannot get arrested. If they try to detain you and search you car (they will have probable cause) once they finish searching your car there is nothing further they can do and you'll be free to go.
  12. I think smell constitutes probable cause but I'm not 100% sure.

    Either way, it's a bad idea. And eating tobacco is definitly not ok.
  13. I can see eating a joint but eating a blunt?
    That'd suck ass, I probably wouldn't be able to choke it all down before the police came to the window.
  14. If theres no weed anywhere and the car isn't fishbowled you'd be fine.

    And if you ever get pulled over be as nice and polite as you can to the cop. If you cooperate he's more likely to let you go, if your a dick he'll be a dick right back and try to get you for something.

    But more than likely they'd be happy if they saw a high guy with a sober driver. Kind of like drinking and driving, it's good to see a designated driver. I know people that have driven with only a permit and got pulled over but got let go because they were preventing some drinking and driving.
  15. i laughed my ass of when i read this
  16. Id say eating a blunt wrap/game or dutchie would make you puke after a few mins, or youd get really sick. tobacco is a poison literally.the chems,oils,nicotine, will make you pretty damn sick Im pretty sure. Just throw it out the window.

    Joints are fine, The are just rice paper, no chems no bleach. Iv ate many roaches for the fun on it. :)

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