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  1. So, if no one tells you what to do, how do you know what to do?

    I just mean in general.
  2. I don't know?

    - As a baby though, you're pretty fucked without somebody else's help :confused:
  3. I guess if you never got told anything, instinct would be just to survive...
  4. For a lot of people it would seem those instincts are gone from all of our advancement and technology. I wonder how well some of our survival instincts still work?
  5. I don't think it has to be specifically being told what to do..but rather being shown what to do. actions speak louder than words?
    i'm probably missing the point completely

  6. There's not really a point, I guess. I'm just wondering where our motivations come from.
  7. Our motivations come from wanting things. We want those things because we're told we do.
    We are told we want things, so we want things, so we're motivated to get those things? I don't know I'm pretty out of it.
  8. everything we do comes from our character.

    thats why character is such an important aspect of a person.
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    I agree with the statement our motivations come from wanting things. but not always because we're told to.
    for example... noone tells you to love your wife. that's specifically what YOU want.
    then I guess the next question is, why do you want her?
    I don't think it can be purely survival.
    cause that couldn't explain how one person could sacrifice their own life for another

    elaborate? where does our character come from?
  10. We, generally, do what we think will make us happy. Our drive to do things comes from our need to fill our desires, and to be happy.
  11. You have to admit, in the world today, we are told to love our wives. If you think back to a long time ago :smoke: then you can see that humans didn't always have to love their wives to be considered good people.
  12. no but i mean, why would they be your wife in the first place if you didn't love them.
    noone's gonna tell you, hey look at her, love her and be her husband
  13. I believe our character comes from the way we were raised, the environment we were put into, and the peers we surround ourselves with.

    Our character, is in part where our goals come from in life. Our goals are alot of the reason we do things, even if you look at taking out the trash, your goal is usually to get it over with.

    i dont know where im really goin with this shit, just ramblin.

  14. Hey! You're taking my job/questions! :p
  15. True, we are not told who to love directly, but we are told to love.

  16. But we are not passively taught how, we actively learn how.
  17. True, true. I guess we're not told to love, but the way we should express our love. My mistake, here I'll go take a few bong rips and come back. Hopefully then I can solve the problem! (Don't expect it though ;))
  18. I think we all are :smoke:

    heh first come first served :D btw, love your threads man. even if most of them I completely misunderstand, they make me think.

    yeah definitely. and I suppose we're told to love because... well, love over hate, yeah? If person A loves person B and vice versa, they care for eachother, they're gonna look after eachother.

    so maybe a small part of love is... trying to subconsciously getting them to love you, so you can be cared for? probably not, just a thought. I don't really agree with it myself but w/e.
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    No mistakes... :p How can one take back what one meant at the time, as evidenced by what was said? :p If you believe that mistakes can be made, how many of our successes have been built off what we learned from mistakes?

    To L Rag:

    Some love to hate, but I don't know anyone who really hates to love (that's still alive).

    "We'll only live if we learn to love"
    - Ziggy Marley
  20. I realized as I hot boxed my car in my parents driveway, I realized I don't love my girlfriend. Shes really not even my type, I noticed because I want a girl who intimidates me mentally, and she definitely does not do that.

    :bongin::confused_2: So then its like. Motivation comes from a lot of things. How we're raised, stuff like I can't think of at all! So yeah its just crazy. Like for me personally my only motivation to progress in life is pressure. So my motivation I think comes from being told basically but not literally ya know? Just kind of known. I hope that makes sense and shiz.

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