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  1. Ok, the problem i'm having is watering. I cultivate outdoors, in a patch of woods. The soil dries up in a day or 2 at most. i want to invest in a drop system. but there is no nearby water source. If i could fill up daveral jugs of water and connect them somehow, maybe have it setup to slotly drip into the plants. Any plans or designs for somthing like this woukld be a huge help, and i have roughly %50-%75 to spend.

    - Vince
  2. Hello mate,

    There is an easy way to make your own (free) drip system. I even have a drowing somewhere. I will look for it and get back to you asap.

  3. Sorry but I could'nt find the drawing, but here what I do.

    Take a copper tube 10 mm diameter and 25 cm long.
    Pinch one end of the tube and 5 cm from the other end.
    Take a clamping washer (10 mm inner diameter and 30 mm outter) and weld it on the tube just above the second pinch e.g on the 5cm remaining side.
    Drill some small holes bellow the washer e.g 20 cm side.
    Take a plastic bottle cap and drill the center in order to adapt your device.
    Cut the bottle bottom and screw it on the cap.
    Put the copper tube in the soil and from time to time fill the reservoir. I use 2l soda bottles but I guess you can try with bigger container if you wish.

    You can also buy devices that you can adapt on any container but I like making it my self and save some money. And I like the idea that plastic, who is responsible for hemp prohibition, can help us to grow some good sticky weed.

    I hope I've been clear enough, if not tell me I try to draw something but my artistic skills are even worse than my english.


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