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  1. Sup everybody :)

    My last grow was an indoor micro grow which did not turn out that well. It was a pure sativa that hermied on me and wasn't even smokeable. So I went all out and decided to try and do things right.

    My first obstacle was the fact that I had tried twice to order seeds online, only to have them never arrive, almost $100 worth. Therefore, I had to use some OG Kush seed I ordered months ago. Sad to say, only 1 seed popped out of three.

    So now I have no choice but to grow just one plant and take clones. Anyway, I just wanted to share this grow with you guys and see what you think.

    I also had a freebies Bubba's Gift which I almost gave up on, its been to hell and back, but then it started flowering and its one hell of a beautiful looking and smelling plant. So I'm going to reveg it and make it a mother plant and take clone on my next grow. Here's some pics for yall!
    1459148053437.jpg 1459148080023.jpg 1459148094830.jpg 1459148123776.jpg 1459148140409.jpg 1459148172673.jpg
  2. 1459162841806.jpg
    This is latest pic, she's about 3 weeks old, I'm doing the gas lantern lighting routine. There's new leaves popping out everywhere and I gave her a topping as well in a few places. Can anyone confirm if she looks like an OG Kush? I read somewhere that the Blimburn OG Kush isn't legit?
  3. Oh n sorry for sharing the crappy pics of the bubbas gift, she looks like garbage, but I can assure that the natural purple colours and the smell are amazing in person. Check out the reviews on leafly, its a very promising plant. Its just super sensitive and the soil burned her. Looking forward to getting her back in shape.

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  4. Ok so no one can confirm if this is OG Kush??

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  5. 1459507130109.jpg 1459507151106.jpg 1459507164474.jpg

    She's really starting to take off! Running the Gas Lantern Routine, vegging under a 600W HPS cool tube with a digital ballast on 50%. On about 1000 ppm and kept around 5.6 - 6.0 ph, changing the water every week. Tent is 1m x 1m.

    I topped her once, but the GLR is making so many new off shoots, I don't think I will need to top her anymore since she's making so many on every branch.

    It's crazy how much she's grown in only 3 days! And she has nice fat indica leaves as you can see.

  6. 1459848826521.jpg
    Dead thread, but what the hell... GLR is working well... Super bushy, thick growth. Drinking lots of water, not so much nutes.. looking promising.
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