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  1. My hydroponic store carries drip buckets, i don't feel like going through the hassles of making a bubble bucket, but any way would adding an air stone to the drip bucket be beneficial? or would it be to much?
  2. I'd install a air stone if you could
  3. Okay thank you, that wouldn't drown the plant would it?
  4. ...if your roots are going to be in sitting water, yes add the bubbles, the more the better.
  5. Okay thanks a lot guys.
  6. if you are talking about Waterfarms ..then yes add the stone ..the roots actually will be sitting in your res. as it is the bottom of the bucket.
  7. well the bucket i have, the lid is the actual net, it drops down about 10 inches, so between the bottom of the net and the bottom of the bucket is about 8 or 10 inches, so add the stone? And as the roots get bigger should i put less water in it? another words if the roots sit in water will it kill the plant?
  8. Yup add water to just below the bottom of the net than loweruntil you only need 3-3.5 gallonson nutes in. always add your stone for better plants and yeild
  9. if you don't purchase the 20 dollar ceramic air stone make sure you get one that does not float or be sure to get some aquarium silicone to glue it to the bottom of the bucket...
  10. O.K. sounds like a bubble bucket to me! The airstone adds o2 to the water along with the nutes . this is a short cut for the plant as it does not have to go searching for nutes as in a soil grow. Plant grows faster as it does not have to work as hard to find the nutes. Word of caution!! PH is gold, monitor continually also TDS (total dissolved solids) has to be kept in line as if they go whacko it causes nute block in the roots and the plants die. The bucket must be blackened as any light will cause mold and alge to grow and that screws up the PH
    Go and Grow!!!!!!!
  11. These buckets are from the hydroponic store, they let 0 light in, now i have been looking into PH from what i have read 5.2-5.8 is a good PH correct? and I haven't head of that, can you explain this more in depth if you don't mind? This is my first hydro grow
  12. havent heard of TDS
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    TDS is Total Dissolved Solids

    okay..how about you let us know your plan ..maybe we can help.
  14. okay,Starting my first grow its going to be 3 drip buckets/bubble bucets under 250/300w of hps (lumitek with the super lumen switch) 25w of Florescent and 184w of cfl. I have been reading stickys and other post but, can anyone help me out with TDS and give me some tips and pointers? Also do drop PH kits work alright? should i use rock wool for clones or not? Anything is appreciated. It would really help me out.
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    You need to formulate a plan, which can be a pain when you have no idea what to plan for...

    first "START SIMPLE"
    I tell all new hydro growers to start with the Lucas Formula..that will give you some time to understand things like TDS, as the Lucas Formula really doesn't need do worry about all that .It just needs a PH kit ,and some GH flora nutrients (micro and bloom) to be good to grow.

    as per cloning .. save yourself the heartache of doing it manually, and use an aero-cloner..it is the difference between night and day.


    EDIT .. you should read this http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/457285-ph-ppm-whats-all-about.html
  16. thanks man, I'm going to use a spray cloner
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    Hey dudes! Looks like an old post but still. Which exactly buckets do you use? Is it a galvanized one or what? As a newbie I can't figure out, but need to know exactly ASAP. I did ordered one orecently.... Is that good or proper one? We'll see what'll happen!:) Cheers everyone!

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