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  1. ok im pritty sure we can talk about drinking here since it is legal right? if not please feel free to delete this thread.

    ok i am turning 21 next sat and i never really drank much. i cant stand beer and mostly only drink captain and coke. im going to a concert on my birthday and they have a few bars where the concert is gonna be i wanted every ones opinion on what i should try. im open to any suggestion except for beer or wine. so lets here it guys and girls.
  2. Try smuggling in a flask of vodka it's the most flavorless and add it to some sprite or lemonade or something cuz booze at a bar at a concert is going to be exspensive as fuck
  3. im not payin for drinks my girlfriend is. lol
  4. vodka and whatever juice you like.. imo.

    or rum and cokes..
  5. get a mojito.

    i got one of those on my 21st birthday at a restaurant that the surprised me with and it was deeelish
  6. ill have to give a mojito a try. the only vodka i found i liked was firefly sweet tea vodka
  7. Most cocktails are a good choice, seeing as you aren't really meant to know you are drinking when you have them...
  8. Jäger bombs......... I pretty much never drink but when I do I enjoy beer, I've heard jäger bombs are good and vodka and juice is pretty good I hear.
  9. i cant do jager bombs the redbull hurts my teeth but i can do shots of jager.

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