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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lightgreenhay, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. went out friday and saturday night drinking. Just smoked and feel better. I can deffinitly feel the effects of alcohol on me like being fatigue and also the realisation how marijuana and alcohol are very different.

    Seems like marjuana always releives my stress and alcohol casues stress or depression anyone have a take on this or some knowledge to share on the subject
  2. Cool beans.
  3. I use to be a big time drinker but ever since I started smoking, I completely stopped drinking all together. I find it boring and a pain in the ass. Also with smoking there's no bullshit drama or any of that drinking bullshit.

  4. Alcohol is poison. It makes you feel okay for a while, but you pay for it. When I was a kid I drank my ass off every night and felt like shit every morning. Now that I'm older if I drink much it just makes me feel like crap and the hangover lasts two days. You can easily ruin your life or lose it from alcoholism. If you drink too much too long even detoxing can be fatal.

    It's bad bad shit. It's highly addictive and very damaging to your body. It's the opposite of Marijuana. Drinking once in a while is not bad, but don't make a habit out of it. If you need to be chemically altered, stick with weed. Alcohol's not worth the heartache.

    Yeah I have an axe to grind. Tomorrow is one year exactly since I lost my son to alcoholism. His friend, who is a little younger, has smoked weed every day of his life since he was about 14 and he's happy, healthy, and a productive member of society.

    Alcohol is evil.

  5. +rep
    That shit is right on the money, dude. I'm sorry about your son.

    Fuck the cannabis prohibition, when alcohol is far more dangerous.

  6. God, that's terrible. I'm pretty sure your son's in a better place now.

    Yeah, alcohol is not good for you. I don't drink. Ever.

    OP: Marijuana is an "stimulant" and alcohol is a "depressant".
  7. i thought marijuana could be a stimulate or depressant depending on the user?
  8. Truth.

    Alcoholism is horrible.

    I'm sorry about your son.

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