Drinking Vodka Straight From The Can

Discussion in 'General' started by Atheism Cant Be Proven, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. anyone else do it?
    i buy $12 for 1.75 liter
    and chug that shit straight up
    no one can touch me
    not even the toothfairy

  2. no i dont drive drunk
    only buzzed during the day time when no ones suspecting
  3. A can of vodka?
  4. Never heard of a can of vodka.
    I'll stick with my IPA's.
  5. its an expression
    and its plastic
    nasty shit
    i thought plastic was a can
    maybe tin is a can idk
  7. Tomato tomato. Potato potato.
    Aw shit. That doesn't work when you're typing.
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    I don't know about can, but I'll drink to vodka out of the bottle on a Tuesday afternoon.
    Yessir, I am inebriated.  :cool:
  9. Plastic is a bottle. 
  10. I drink straight from the bottle. Its ok get turnt up mang. :metal:
    But dont drive drunk.
  11. lol this post made me laugh for some reason
  12. Haha well I'm glad. 
    lol this post made me laugh for obvious reasons.
  14. everytime ibuy abottle idrink itstraight outof thebottle :p
  15. No one suspects it, yet have something against you. :mellow:
  16. straight from the bottle, yep. 
  17. I think you mean fresh from the can
  18. Dont matter just freeze it and drink with a chaser a lemon or straight also on the rocks is good

    For my birthday buy me a politician

  19. OP sounds like he has alcoholic tendencies

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