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Drinking + Smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by asapg, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Who loves that feeling? (drinking first) I think it's a bit addictive. It takes me to a surreal place where I am so fucking full of ecstasy. I love drinking in moderation and getting that buzz where you're just chill, but I love the feeling of being messed up while taking both. I usually only drink when I go out but I was thinking of experimenting by drinking and smoking on the reg. any of you guys do this or love the feeling?
  2. I rather drink milk...

  3. And smoke a joint after?
  4. I usually pick up an 18 pack of tall boys drink about 3 get a slight buzz and ill smoke a few bowls feels great. Nothing wrong with drinking in moderation my friend.
  5. the feeling is alright i guess . if anything its super chill
  6. never been a fan of alcohol, more into unmentionables and weed. I find if i smoke before i drink i just couldnt be arsed to get hammered, i have to drink first.
  7. Hehe love smoking and drinking sake. you can drink sake chilled, room temp, or even warmed up! the flavor changes with the temperature :)
  8. i love smoking a bowl and then drinking some beers or a mix drink. get nice a relaxed
  9. Just me or does anyone else get dizzy like crazy when they mix these?
  10. [quote name='"camram"']Just me or does anyone else get dizzy like crazy when they mix these?[/quote]

    I actually smoke a bowl when the spins start to hit.
  11. love gettin faded
  12. I usually puke if I mix the two heavily.

    I can drink all night long as long as I dont toke. I can however drink a glass of red wine and THATS a chill feeling. :smoke:
  13. Same. If I get "drunk" and smoke, I'll either get the spins and pass out or want to puke.
  14. I always heard the rhyme, "Beer before bong, that's just wrong. Bong before beer then you're in the clear." I don't know if it actually works though.

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