Drinking outside of the United States

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  1. Im going on a cruise this thanksgiving to the Bahamas and i have not yet reached the legal United States drinking age of 21. Are the drinking laws pretty relaxed in the bahamas? do they even care at all how old you are?
  2. 18 is the drinking age in the bahamas your good to go. :hello:
  3. i remember going to mexico at 18..... fucking awesome, have a blast.....
  4. The laws of the worlds oceans are quite different. You should be good to go.
  5. 21 !!!
    I thought 18 was the universal drinking age (with exceptions of course, but not the US, that claims to be so free)
  6. You'll be good drinking in the Bahamas, but you won't be able to drink on the cruise ship, they enforce the US drinking age.
  7. You will spend most time in international waters on a cruse.

    I went on one when I was 16 and they don't give a fuck. If you got your room number they charge, you walk away happy.

    At port I'm guessing they wont care 80% of places anyway.
  8. Freedom shouldn't include being irresponsible.

    "Hey kids! You're free to drive a car at any age you'd like! 18, 16, 12, 9... go for it!"
  9. Hes not 9 hes 18 so get off your high horse, remove your hand from your dick and mind your own drugs
  10. yeah my buddies just got back from a cruise in st martins and they drank at port. i didnt know if bahamas is any different.
  11. If the ship is registered in the Bahamas you should be able to drink as soon as you leave port, but if it's a US ship then you may need to be 21 because I'm almost sure it would be staffed with some form of US law enforcement.

    I know when I flew British Airways to London from Atlanta, the drinking age became 18 as soon as we left the terminal but that wouldn't have been the case if it was, let's say, Delta because their planes all originate in the US. I think the same concept applies to cruise ships.
  12. Yeah man I went on one when I was 17, had no problems at all getting drinks. It was a little difficult on the boat because not everyone would sell to minors, but I simply asked people to buy me some. Once you're on the islands, you're good to go. I didn't get ID'd once when going from bar to bar.
  13. I spent a while in St Martin years back and nobody cards...for anything! They dont even have driving laws there, that i could tell. If anybody on those islands asks for id they are most likely messing with you because they know your american

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