Drinking out of Cups

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  1. the story behind this is these guys locked their friend in the closet while he was tripping on acid. (dick move) and they recorded this conversation that he had with himself.
    i think its absolutely hilarious.
    *oh and his friends made this animation to go along with the voice

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skCV2L0c6K0"]YouTube - Dan Deacon & Liam Lynch - Drinking Out of Cups[/ame]
  2. seahorses forevaa.

    haha, i love the dude's accent.
  3. whoa i was just watching this on youtube and then i come to this website and see it here, crazy.

    funny video though
  4. anyone want to type it out? my speakers are broke:eek:
  5. Locking a tripper in a closet is a huge dick move but that's kind of funny.
  6. lmao

    "drinkin outta cups, bein a bitch"
  7. funniest fucking vid ever holy shit, +rep
  8. Everyone needs some knots tied they go to him, bullshit. Haha, that guy was definitely out of it on something. Didn't seem like acid though. I remember back when i used to do dxm though, i would sometimes record myself saying the weirdest shit and have no memory of it until watching again the next day.
  9. man this fool is on one! lol hilarious vid though. a dark closet on acid would get intense
  10. yes.props to that video and props to liam lynch.sifl & olly is legendary in my opinion.
  11. Mr. Walkway.

    Mr. Walk down me I'm the walkway.

    Lead me to the building?

    Fuck you.

    Haha, that's great.
  12. Does not sound like dude is on acid, nor does it sound recorded through a closet. Probly just some dude rambling for no reason

  13. Well I know I can definitely relate to the guy. I've had more than a few experiences on psychedelics where I thought I was expositing all this wisdom and philosophical ideas only to realize later when I was coming down that it was probably all just a bunch of jibberish. It all fits and makes sense in your head, but it's hard to vocalize that.

    I once, after noticing how my mouth was reacting to drinking from a water bottle on mushrooms, said to my friends that "my mouth is an octopus"... It made perfect sense to me in my head, not so much to the sober people in the room.
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    He would also be locked in a dark closet.

    Sounds like he may have been insulting his friend at first..
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    this is a couple years old but it makes me laugh out loud everytime, people argue whether the story of him tripping in a closet is actually true, sounds to me like he's channel surfing or something haha.

    edit: not my chair not my problem that's what i say
  16. I think he's just going off what he sees in his CEVs... being locked in a closter and all.
  17. "Not my chair not my problem that's what I say!"

    haha this was funny
  18. It is very true that nonsensical words to often come out of the mouths of the psychedelically impaired, but the extent that he is rambling just dosn't seem like something that would be caused by the influence of acid.

    I know for me at least, i find it nearly impossible to string together sentences without stumbling around words, or losing my train of thought and stopping, or whatever.

    But people are different, and what is impossible to one may be simple to another.

    More my problem with this is the whole "locked in the closet" thing. I would imagine it would be more muffled than that audio is, and the sharpness on his s's and t's and such lead me to blelieve he is speaking into a mic, or at least nearby it.

    Of course im no audio wizard so i dont know for sure, just the whole on acid in a closet dosnt seem to fit this video is all im trying to say
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    Well you can edit an audio file to make his pondering more close together... for all we know, his ramblings could have been more spaced out on the original track.

    As for it sounding like he is speaking into a microphone, he probably is... The guys probably rigged up some device in the closet before hand

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