drinkin a beer?

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  1. anyone else enjoyin a brew right now? i know this is a bud chat but i'm sure most of you drink a beer or drink booze from time to time.

    coors light, the white trash beer of choice, hahahaha.


    my mountains are blue, oh mos def.
  2. you could do a lot worse than coors mate! I myself am about to sit back, relax, watch a movie and enjoy a nice glass of vodka on the rocks :D
  3. No alcohol for me, not my taste. I prefer :bongin:.
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    Having a keystone from the local "haji mart" the local gas station run by pakistanis. really cool guys, don't I.D. and sell some nice glass.
    Keystone.... the teenagers beer of choice;)
    Generally, i dont drink, maybe a beer or two at a party, but alcohol doesn't agree with me lol.
    and call me a pussy, but i hate the smell/ taste of liquor.... makes me gag.
  5. Lime daquiri on the rocks
  6. I drink High Life as I would water or soda, but I usually have a "real beer" when I get home from work.

    Gotta get a couple more batches of homebrew going, as I am almost dry!
  7. Also the college student's beer of choice :D cases upon cases we've gone through...good times
  8. Did you get the cases with windows so you can tell when the mountains are blue?
  9. 6 o'clock in the windy city, pourin up a glass of remy for myself.
    got some friends coming through in a few hours
    my lady wanted to try some 1800 so i grabbed a 1/5th of that. gonna watch the celts-magic game and roll up some doobies later on n have a good night.
    also have a 12 pack of blue moon on reserve if I feel the need, but I think ill be straight on the remy/1800/chronic combo.
  10. hahaha hell yes.
    guys, I'm bored.
    got bud?
    lets pick up a 30 of keystone!
  11. I'm going to in an hour or so.

    Hopefully not Coors Light though, I prefer my beer to not taste like the metal of the can with a slight aftertaste of dirt.
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    whaat. the inside of the coors light cans are lined with a thin layer of blue "frost lining" the beer doesn't touch the metal of the can.

    edit: also, you must be talking about the hint of terra firma in this fine alcoholic beverage, it adds a very subtle yet distinctive taste; coupled with a crisp, clean finish it does not disappoint :)
  13. i've seen them haven't gotten one yet. i abuse 24oz cans

  14. you dont actually believe that garbage about the blue mountains do you? Its all marketing if you didnt know, and it seems to be working by the way you talk about it.
  15. Nice and yeah coors isn't the worst beer thats for sure.

    Drinking on some Smirnoff 100 proof vodka right now, right out of the bottle, no need for a shot glass even lol. It was in the freezer of course, where all vodka bottles should live.
  16. oooh yeah i am.
    my brother was just home for a visit and brought me back some pilsner, i love this shit to pieces but you can only get it in bc and alberta !

  17. Nah, I stick to bud. Beer has always looked and tasted like piss to me.
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    We have a beer made in my town called Point Special that's pretty good. It was actually in the movie The Great Outdoors.

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  19. You just drank the wrong beer my friend.
  20. [​IMG]

    Best beer ever.

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