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drink or smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by highdays420, Feb 6, 2014.

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  2. Get stoned as possible, take some blunts!
  3. I would get stoned then drunk. Amazing feeling :)

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  4. A bottle of fairly decent vodka,some trim waste/popcorn buds and a bit of patience and you'll have green dragon!Best of both worlds:) caution is advised with this concoction!
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  5. If you're going to a concert with a bunch of people then I would just smoke beforehand, and take a flask with you. Smoke some js and sip on your flask, you'll be feelin right
  6. drink first then smoke
  7. Drunk then stoned in that order.
  8. Smoke then drink for me
  9. Drink till you're about to puke then smoke so you don't lol

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  10. I can't get drunk anymore. If I'm chilling with my friends or out to dinner I may have a beer or two but I haven't had a shot in a loooong time and I haven't gotten drunk in at least a year. I just don't like the feeling.
    Getting drunk makes me feel fucking retarded, and I don't like to feel fucking retarded. Getting stoned is so much clearer, so much more mature in my opinion.
  11. ^ditto

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  12. All of the above

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  13. Personally I like to TRY to not smoke until ive drank enough to get that awful feeling in my stomach, then smoke a joint. Instantly kills my nausea. But Idk if you should try that because drinking and smoking seems to make alotta people in here spew

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    I don't see what makes stoning more 'mature' than drinking, as I've met way more mature people than most smokers I know, who only drink. So yeah... Honestly I'd rather drink at something social like that. And of course, if it's a festie like you say, bring a flask and some jays and don't get wasted till you're there, I've burnt out before the music starts before, it blows.
    If it's a real good festie you'll be able to find things better than alcohol or weed for appreciating music. Wear a colorful headband and tshirt, they'll find their way to you ;)
  15. Personally, I'd get drunk and stoned.
  16. Get drunk til you feel sick.. Then get high to feel better.
  17. Weed's more mature to me because it simply is. On alcohol, people do reckless things. It's just a fact that alcohol makes you think reckless activities are okay to do, like drunk driving, rape (tons of rapes are perpetrated by drunk people), domestic abuse, picking fights, general douchebaggery. Weed makes you peaceful and friendly; alcohol makes you violent and cocky. On weed people think. On weed people watch movies. Nobody on weed beats their wife, or their kids. 
    Pink Floyd created Dark Side of the Moon while stoned. I could spend hours on here writing about all the great art, the great philosophy, the great films, the great ideas that were thought of by people who were stoned. Alcohol kills brain cells, it dulls you, it conforms you, it makes you into a real prick when you've had your share of it. Some things I've done while drunk include: vandalism, getting into a physical fight with a close friend, leaving drunk voicemails on girls' phones, causing damage, getting arrested for telling off a cop. Some things I've done while high include: writing, doing work, thinking, giving insightful advice.
    Now tell me again that smoking weed isn't more mature than drinking.
  18. Idk but i do know boofing is the best way to do either
  19. Im doing both right now,feels pretty good,have a gambling interest in the euro final enjoying my sat nite at home wit mrswalkingthedog,if my bets come through happy days....

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  20. Ya man get drunk and high!

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