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Drink first or smoke first?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jibbs, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I've had some friends tell me that if I drink before I smoke, ill get super sick. Does this hold any truth? I've done it before but I only had a few shots before I smoked, and I was fine.

    Is there a general rule of thumb associated with this?
  2. different for everyone. i cant smoke first because i never feel like drinking afterwards.
  3. nah, but I threw up pretty bad after 3 shots of grey goose followed by 2 bowls of kief followed by 2 beers

    some people can handle that though
  4. I do both.. all the time.. for me it doesn't matter which I do first.. still get mashed up..

  5. Same for me, because I feel like if I keep doing shots I won't remember any of the funny shit that happens while I am stoned.

    I'm a lightweight drinker :(
  6. I drink before I smoke because I can never drink enough when I'm stoned to actually get drunk. No reason making your taste buds more sensitive to alcohol haha
  7. Or you could drink smoke.

    [ame=]Drink smoke smoke in the glass smoke as water - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Smoke first, then drink.

    If you are already feeling drunk and smoke, that is going to throw you over the edge of spins. :p
  9. I've been fine regardless of which I do first.
  10. This is my philosophy. I would say smoking then drinking is the way to go.

    It definitely depends on tolerance, if you can't handle your high while sober then there's no damn way you're gonna handle it drunk. And the spins ensue. I don't get it anymore though.
  11. yo ***** 1 time drank before i smoked

    and i died
  12. If you can handle your shit you can drink first and then smoke but i think your just gonna have a harder time keeping your shit together if you get high, espically if your pushin' the boundaries into the fuckin UNKNOWN, SON!!!
  13. i didn't realize so many people couldn't drink first. that's the only way i do it. i don't really remember not being able to handle it and i've never gotten the spins from it. i've thrown up a couple times though but that was from actually taking a hit, not from the high lol. seems like it dulls the drunk a bit and dulls the high a bit and i just feel fucked up in a good way.
  14. "Do not let the weed slow you down."

    Rather get my buzz on with alcohol first.
  15. On a good night of drinking, neither.

    Smoking before makes me not really wanna drink or go out.

    Smoking after I'm already drunk results in the spins. Hate trying to sleep when it feels like I'm on a rollercoaster. One of the worst feelings ever.
  16. What are the spins? Sometimes when I smoke I get this feeling, when I close my eyes and sit down I feel really dizzy, like there is energy pulsing through my body. Is that the 'spins'?
  17. Ya. I used to get them when drinking. You lay down (for me only of my eyes are closed) and feeling like your spinning.
  18. I did it both ways this week. when i drank n smoked I was not very drunk nor very high until I drank more after.

    next night I smoked a huge bowl with this guy that lasted forever, really good weed and I was super high, then had like... only 2 shots of vodka and it impacted me way more than the previous night.
    I think different variables made the difference though. but definitely more fucked up when i smoked first.

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