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  1. fuck this out of the bottle shit.  lately ive been pouring all my beer into a glass and it tastes 1000x better.  im drinking steele reserve right now and it tastes pretty good...out of the glass.  i could pay 1.50 for a 24 oz of steele reserve and drink it out of the glass all the time.  your thoughts?

  2. Steel Reserve, for when you have to get fucked up on a budget..they sell the 8.1% in your area or only the 6%?
    I'm with you though, whenever I'm at a bar or a restaurant, I only ever order draught beer.
    Glass bottles are nice but I much prefer a fat pint in a glass.
  3. hell yeah. i love getting the mini draft kegs for 20 bucks. taste so great compared to bottles and cans
  4. 8% of course.  theres just something about a glass it tastes better.
  5. I agree had my first beer in a bar in a glass and it was tasty as fuck. Just some LongHammer IPA but it was 10x better out of a glass than a bottle.
  6. IPA's are tasty no matter what.  But even better out a glass! for sure.
  7. I always keep a few pint glasses in the freezer you never know when you will crave a cold one!
  8. Always drink beer out of a glass when I'm home. Even have all the proper shaped glasses for everything from Pilsner to Belgian varieties.
  9. One day I will try every beer known to mankind...JK.  But that was my goal when I was 20.
  10. I was addicted to beeradvocate[dot]com for quite a while...
  11. As long as I'm not drinking from a can, I'm normally fine with bottle so with can's it's always putting it into a glass that shit is disgusting from a can euuugh
  12. I take cans over bottles because i can poke a hole and it won't chug/froth into my mouth. That's why i hate bottles i can only tip them halfway so air can go in the top and i get a smooth pour otherwise it chugs >.<
  13. Yea i usually will pour a cold ass beer in a cold ass glass usually a miller high life

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    I drank alcohol out of a glass before and it taste absolutely refreshing, plus it feels like I'm in classy society lol. It seems like everybody likes to fuck with paper cups instead.
  15. Pint glass > every beer > every time

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