Drilled hole too big for grommet - how to seal/make water tight?

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  1. I accidentally drilled too big of a hole in my bucket so now my rubber grommet won't fit water tight.

    I've tried silicone gasket glue but its too weak/flexible and peals off easy. Epoxy seems to work alright but i forced a pvc fitting thru the grommit and it broke the epoxy adhesion to the plastic bucket.

    Is there a specific type of epoxy I can use? Any other type of glue/sealer or any other suggestions?

    Leak proofing is the last step in rebuilding my hydro system and its driving me nuts! Any advice is greeaaatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I would go up a size.
  3. anyone else?
  4. GLUE, I used styrofoam glue to fix a bong with the same problem. It worked wonders.

    Just put the grouments in and glue around the gap
  5. get a new bucket or bigger gromet you dont want the thing starting to leak whe plant are starting to bud and you have to disrup there cycle because you have water all over your floor
    dont cut corners
  6. A new bucket costs a few bucks. A leak might potentially cost you ???????

    Worth the risk of glue / mCGuyvering it together? Your call.

    Personally I would just get a new bucket, and chalk it up to a F*ck up.

    Shit happens.
  7. Ok, I'm convinced. You guys are right. I just wasn't hearing what I wanted to. haha thanks buds
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    I wrapped duct tape around the fitting so the grommet bulges out more.

    Now it fits in the hole of the bucket water tight and free of leaks.

    Easy and effective solution.. woohoo! No need to buy new buckets.

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