Dried Return Ratio - Yield when WET and DRY!

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    Hello, I was wondering if we could start a thread where everyone can post the yields of there crop wet and then dry!

    It's called the " Dried Return Ratio " or (DRR)! Thanks :smoke:

    Simply divide the Dry yield by the Wet Yield and get the percentage!


    Papaya - 600w - 9 plants - No CO2 - 8 Weeks Flowering

    4.16 LBS or 1890 Grams WET

    1.25 LBS or 568 Grams DRY

    30% DRR
  2. Love this idea...Always wondered myself if we could figure out an average dry or find out what strains tend to keep more weight or lose more... + rep

  3. Oh ya the stain forgot about that ;) I usually get 30% with no CO2 and 40% with CO2!

    I'm gonna add the strain! I'm going to make a complete chart with everyones info.
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    Ok, so I'm going to list the info that I need to make this chart!


    Type of Grow - SOG - DWC - Scrog - NFT

    Plant Height - All or Average

    Light Used - Or total amount of Watts

    Number of plants - Under that light or all lights

    With or without CO2

    Number of weeks of Vegetation

    Number of weeks of Flowering

    Yield Wet - Lbs or Grams

    Yield Dry - Lbs or Grams

    Percentage - Dry divided by Wet

    Dry Grams / Watt

  5. im in...but i have 7 weeks left...lol
  6. Nice, I'm a very patien guy ;)
  7. im quickly realizing i need to be more patient or im going to drive myself crazy.
  8. I count on a crop losing about 70% of it's weight after drying
  9. I'm in. Gimme till the third week of November though.
  10. I'll have data for you late December

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