dried out 2 days after she popped....

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    I started the seed (double bubbleberry fem) on 8-1-12, she popped on day 2. I turned on a small fan on day 3 and she was dried out by the time I got home, she stood up by the next morning but hasn't shown any substantial growth in 5 days. Could letting the rockwool dry out stunted her growth. Looking for opinions & suggestions

  2. [​IMG]
    this was taken tonight
  3. just water it more it looks pretty healthy
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    you cant really over water in rockwool its ment to have 17% air at all times even when completely soaked

    keep her nice and wet in that lil cube

    forgot to add, if you didnt rinse well with 5.5-6 ph water its going to have a rough start rockwool has a high ph
  5. I soaked the rockwool in distilled water until it was completely soaked. It's hard to see in the picture but the cotydelons have shriveled up and died off, they never came back after she dried out. I started feeding 1/5th strength nutes using the lucas formula once I noticed they were looking poor. Right now she's under 2 26w 6500k cfls on a 24/7 schedule.
  6. She might have a rocky start. Those starter leaves have all the nutrients that seedling needs to get it's first few sets of leaves open. It appears the tips of the first true leaves are yellowing, maybe running out of nitrogen or over watered. I'd make sure your ph is in line with proper hydroponic ph (5.5-5.8 is a good range), that will help her get started.
  7. you are supposto soak for 24 hours, a 2 minutes soak will not work at all man trust me, rinse it well very well with ph'd water
  8. You need to adjust the water you soak the rockwool cubes in to PH 5.5 first and then soak for at least an hour or so.
    Do NOT give a plant that young ANY nutes. Wait until at least the 3rd set of leaves pop.

    If the cube got dry enough for the little plant to droop over you may have done the roots irreparable harm but MJ plants never cease to amaze me with how resilient and tough they can be.
  9. started feeding about 50ml of distilled water with 1/5th strength nutes straight to the rockwool twice a day. Saw root tips peeking out the bottom this morning so I moved her into the bucket with 1/4th strength nutes. The second set of true leaves are opening up and I can see a third set poking out of the center. I think she's going to be ok until I mess up again.


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