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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ron burgundy, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. hey everyone, this is my first post but i've been reading these forums for some time now, i've been smking since i was 16 and most recently smoked about a quarter every 3 days or so, but i recently moved and havn't had any for about a month, But ever since i stopped i've realized that i've been dreaming a whole lot more, and the dreams are usually fucked up random shit. Has anyone else ever noticed this or is it just me? Or is it that now that i ain't smokn i can actually remember my dreams now lol.?
  2. Welcome to the City! :wave: (there is an introduce yourself section to let you know :) )

    i think that you are just able to remember them more since you stopped smoking
  3. I have though about the same thing and experienced it myself weed everyday = almost no dreams its not just you.
  4. It probably has something to do with being in a really deep sleep when you've been smoking.
  5. ive noticed basically the same thing. when i smoke more than just a bowl a day, i cant remember shit, but at least i sleep well.
  6. There was some study on this a while back, but for the life of me I can't find it. Anyway, the study concluded that if you are a smoker (cigs were the "smoke") and stop smoking for a period of time, your dreams will likely be more vivid. A non-smoker can pick up a cigs and he will have more vivid dreams as well.
  7. Umhhh, this might be true. I never dream when i smoke.
  8. yeah, studys show that the THC dampens the part of the brain that makes you dream. when you stop it just gets really vivid.
  9. If I "stop" smoking and only smoke occassionally I get really vivid insane dreams when I go to bed stoned as shit... I wake up and they all just flood me and I forget about them within a couple hours at the latest.
  10. thats fucked, any articles on this study anywhere?
  11. When I stopped smoking for like a week, I had this dream where I met a new guy through some friends and he had like 3 ounces of bud and we just sat around talking about how good it was (but we never smoked it) Anyway.. the funny part is that in the dream the bud looked like mini meatballs. haha. Dont ask... :)
  12. haha that reminds me sometimes in my dreams i will be dreaming that i get a hold of a sack of really good bud, but i never get to smoke any of it and when i wake ill be all pissed cause i thought it was dreams are weird as shit man
  13. i heard that thc reverses your sleep cycles or something like that. i have noticed the same as others and i cant remember the last time i had a dream.
  14. dude i always remember my dreams.

    this one time i was in a socom level but in the dream i thought i was at school but i was at the level and then i woke up and was like what the fuck
  15. i have been having some wierd ass dreams lately.

    the other morning i woke up and was certain i had a bag of coke in my possession somewhere.

    the funny thing is, i haven't done coke in like 4 months. and i've only done it 5 or 6 times.
  16. thats crazy, i just got busted and havent been able to smoke in a few weeks, i have such crazy dreams when i stop smoking and remember them too
  17. whenever i take a tolerance break i have really weird dreams and i will continue to have them until i start smoking again probably has something to do with ur short term memory
  18. sometimes when I take a break I have dreams that I am REALLY REALLY stoned and in a horrible situation (like fighting a dude or climbing a hill while bleeeding).
  19. Haha that shit is craazy, i have messed up dreams all the time, even when i have smoked.
    just the other day I had a dream i was walking into school, and the inside looks like the inside of a walmart. then this crazy dude walks up and puts a gun to my head and i was like "oh shit man, thats a gun held to my head". Then the guys like "tell everyone to go outside" for some reason everyone listens to me, and as we are walking through the parking lot my dad rolls up in his old station wagon. I hop in and we head home, only to be bombarded by henchmen the whole way home. We get to my house and the female leader of this group is waiting for me. We have a long fight in which i stabbed her like 100000 times and she shot me and stabbed me like 9 times. Finally i cut her in half with this little ass pocket knife (dont know how). Then i woke up and was like "what the fuck?".

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