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  1. Has anybody here ever been high and just chillin there and all of a sudden you get this crazy feeling and you see stuff that you've seen before, but not in life, but in a dream. Not deja vu either. Its like a whole event, the conversation, the place the people your with. Like You had a puzzel laied out and knew what it looked like but not how to put it together. Then all of a sudden it starts putting itself together. I was just wondering if anyone els has experinced this.
  2. Nope, but it sounds fun.
  3. Damn dude wtf r u smoking?:eek:
  4. Awww... man I dont even get dank shit. I dont know, it just happens to me and I dont even remember the dream till the experience happens. I'm also one of the biggest light weights around. I could take 1 hit a be high. I know, its a gift.
  5. I get that alll the time..it's kinda trippy haha
  6. ditto. trips the hell outta me
  7. one time i came up with a theory that dreams show you what's going to happen tomorrow, but hopefully i was stoned then
  8. Your high arent you? :p
  9. Oh, dude, yeah. Sometimes I'll sit there and something will hit me and it feels almost like i've been there before, or.. something. Not exactly de ja vue because I dont remember any of it, but for some reason something seems familiar. I dont know if thats what you guys are talking about.
  10. yeah man, that is dead on what i was talking about
  11. i always hear a message when im high as fuck. i dont think ill be able to figure it out until the day i die or something. whats weird is, i used to only hear only a SMALL part of the message. the last time i smoked, i was in my car and when an airplane flew overhead, the booming was formed into words, but they were muffled. i heard 3 voices telling me different things. it was like every other time, but combined and stringed into one sentence you could say. its weird as hell man.

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