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  1. I'm not they type of person to just write my feeling/thoughts online but you are all a bunch of stoners and their has to be someone else like me. My brother says we're start children? I never though of my dreams happening in real life a big deal it's not deja vu it's crazy shit and it freaks me out I hate it. I can also meet someone and tell what kind of a person they are and I'm almost always right no I'm not being cocky. I guess I can see the future I feel weird just saying it... anyways I keep having this dream it's about the apocalypse I've been having it for a long time at first it was fuzzy and now I know where it starts I can see faces I can feel pain and it's scary. I'm terrified to sleep. I don't know if this is really going to happen I'm just freaked out. So if their anyone like me is their anything you do to manage them? I don't know... I'm just freaked out and needed to tell someone. No one knows about this I keep it a secret because I feel no one would understand.
  2. No reason to fear a future that isn't here.
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  3. Ya I get that but my visions happen often to often and I'm starting to freak out if I tell someone they will most likely look me in the nut house...
  4. What do you do with your visions? Perhaps you need to play out something in your life. You are crippling yourself with fear. There is something you should do, but I do not know what.

    Honestly, I know they're mostly shit but I love talking to like street psychics and weird stuff like that because it's not necessarily what they tell you as much as what you do with what they tell you.

    I talked to a street psychic lady in New Orleans while I was on a trip. I was struggling with something in my life and she drug it out of me. Then I was able to look at it in a different perspective and I've owned up to it and that aspect has been turning out to be one of the most positive aspects of my life.

    So I guess, looking to get help doesn't really mean you need help in a psychotic sense but you just need some other perspective or some kind of trigger that helps you see it another way.

    Hope that helps.
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  5. That makes sense and I've been thinking about seeing a physic. I just feel weird about this I only learned about my visions last year and I though it was normal and I guess it's not? I don't do anything with them because I'm not sure what to do about them! Ya... I'm having trouble in my life I've been struggling with addiction for over 7 years and I feel trapped from that. I'm almost use to it I don't use drugs or drink anymore but I'm not sober I found something safer you could call it.. I'm defently going to look in to the street physic. Thanks..
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  6. Are these dreams typically negative in nature? Are you always somewhat fearful of them? How do you react when they actualize in "real life"?

    You know, as the days go it becomes more and more engrained in me that we live in a spiritual world bound by physical limitations. Nothing is off limits. You are the same you in your dreams...when you wake up you are still dreaming.

    I would say what Orange said...Seek guidance or a person to talk to from either a psychic or any in the spiritual realm...go off your intuition when choosing who to speak to. You got it man, fear is only ever a mindstate.

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  7. dreams are fake fuck that garbage none want em.
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  8. I recently had a dream come true, at first I thought it deja vu but I remembered clear as day the night I had that dream and exactly what happened.
    I was with my partner and I described what would happen next etc. and it did.
    Nothing negative or scary, it was just interesting.
    I've also picked up on vibes very well and have pictured what people look like before meeting them.
    I have no idea if it means anything or if it's all coincidence. I would look to speak to a professional about this if it's something you're genuinely concerned about :)
    I have to say it's really interesting to 'meet' someone else who had experienced this though.

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  9. Dreams are exhausting to me. If I start dreaming it means I need a t-break so I just endure a few nights of it and then go back to not dreaming. They're not always bad dreams. Usually just stressful. The problem for me is that my dreams can last a really, really long time. I've had dreams where I'll go to sleep and wake up in them and have 2 or 3 days of dream time in just a few hours of sleep. It's beyond disorienting waking up and feeling like you haven't been in your room for days

    But mine also have recurring places. I've got almost an entire town constructed in my dreams, new dreams often add to it. There are specific landmarks that my dreams usually take place at (primarily a school and an enormous hotel). I can draw floor plans and maps right now and have before.

    Mine in no way cause deja vu or premonitions or anything like that though, if they did I'm pretty much doomed
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  11. Nothing can be worse thst a world full of fearful people, whatever hsppens will be better than the simulation everyone chooses to live by. Everyone gets exactly shat they deserve man, always 100% of the time, youve git nothing to worry about
  12. Heres my two cents (lol)--
    Sorry its lengthy as hell. I tend to describe a lot so you surely can understand my point...

    Sigmund Freud talks about dream anaylsis and latent content. He defined Latent content as the subconscious hidden message in our dreams. Now you are noticing these dreams, more and more. You are connecting two and two together. I guess you can say you're more "aware" of your surrounds.

    The mind is an odd thing. Anxiety -> you can become a hypochondriac and your body will actually create symptoms. (not saying you are one, its an example of how complex our minds can be)I used to be one. Its awful. Now as you are becoming more aware and aware, more things are becoming noticed. More and more. The mind can trick itself in illusions. Imo, step back, and meditate. Try to find inner peace. It works wonders for me. Meditation is stupid to the ignorance of people. I dont know about you, but I guess im a psychonaut in disguise. If i was you id be searching why and why. Meditate and use weed as an altered state of mind to maybe seek answers. (LOL sounds crazy typing that but hey its solving almost why i have anxiety as we speak.) Marijuana can bring you in touch with your subconscious mind. Dont be afraid of it (yourself!). I find the more i question the closer and clearer i get to solve whatever im trying to get out of it.

    Heres the other side of the coin ;). Destiny. Well have you thought about what a gift you have? Instead of letting it control you. Try to control it? Try to gain control of yourself? May sound crazy but dreaming is your subconscious, maybe you need to tap into it and take control. It'll be hard no doubt. Ive had deja vus from dreams too. Once instance i had a dream in sixth fucking grade, and what do you know, 10th grade in a new state i never knew i was gonna move. I look out the window and see the sky a certain way
    and how the room looked. I had it in my dream. Came true. Listen to that crazyness. 6th grade in cali, thinking i will go to hs in cali and do this and that. Ended up moving to michigan freshman year cuz of my dads job... i never knew it. And you tell me i had a dream of me in highschool in a place i never knew existed. Tell me thats normal. Ive had another one to where i had a real bad day, i was really pissed and somehow my brain clicked a certain brainwave or some weird shit and i started to stare at my closet and the clothes was hanging a weird way and that mindset i had, was from a dream and somehow it clicked. That i was going down the right path. I can remember that dream i said specifically to myself if this happens you know your going the right path in life. That was freshman year. Junior year fucking came true. Ive had quite a few crazy deja vu's.

    dont fear the future. Try to take control. "Reality is yours, my nigga create it." Literally that part of this song came up while i was about say something similar to it... synchronicity at its finest :) i wasnt even paying attention to what was playing. I just tuned in and hear it. lol. But yes you really create your own reality. If you keep thinking on this path, who knows. Maybe theres a way to dodge it. Maybe change your brain thought pattern. Maybe your stressed or something and its fucking with you literally. Our brains so fucking interesting.

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  13. Listen to Kurt cobain, its all in the music and movies. Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums.
    Find out about Cern. Clean energy is their bullshit cover story, theyre opening a portal to the world of antimatter and it will affect the consciousness and dreams of every living person, and we might even see non physical beings. Its not good for us, as interesting as it is, but if their real plan ensues, the aliens wont be able ti carry out their agenda so theyre sabotaging Cern, or else it wouldve happened September 2015. But now China is building an even bigger LHC(Large Hedron Collider) so who knows whatll happen, either way, im going to appreciate the experience even if it kills me. just a big game caled life
  14. Work hard to fulfill your dreams
  15. You forgot to add content..

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